Through Hole Slip Ring And its Types

Hole Slip ring

Through hole slip ring is also known as a hollow slip ring or slip rings with bore because it has a hole in the center. It is used to transmit power and signals where 360 rotations are required between the contact of the brush bundle and contact point. It has an Aluminum alloy structure.

Through bore slip ring is categorized in a series of conducting pieces which are used in an electromagnetic system for the purpose of transmission of media like gas, fluid, light. Through bore slip ring is specially designed for the manufacturing industry. It is easier for electrical connections, with the rotating position which carries a large amount of current.

Although it’s demanding quality is not very large so these are needed to be customized. There are many classifications of slip ring according to their use, size, structure, application areas and media of transmission.

How it differs from other slip rings?

Their unobstructed bore through center provides a space for concentric mounts their model is available in 6, 12, 18…., 120 circuits. It features the fiber brush technology which has a lot of benefits because these fiber brushes do not require any lubrication. It transfers both analog and digital signals. It has low electrical noise and good transmitting power.

Through bore, slip ring acts as a bridge and performs two different functions between two structures. Its central bore plays an important role for rotary joints. It provides a way of transmission of data connection

Working of bore slip ring:

Bore slip rings rotate within its limits. It customizes the operation and provides the ability to work on the machine. The danger of wires from the movable joints can be removed by placing it in a proper position. It is a compact device with a beautiful appearance.

General types of through bore slip ring:

1. A low RPM slip ring (less power demand):

 Low RPM utilizes 1-2mm pitch and it allows 18-22 conductors per 26mm of functional rings. Mechanical factors can affect the number of conductors, signal point locations

2. High RPM (more power demand):

High power normally uses 10 channels of conductor

3. Self-contained through bore slip ring:

Self-contained rings have a great system of a ball bearing which provides fix alignment and freely rotatory movements.

Parts of through bore slip ring:

Through bore slip ring is consists of two parts:

1.         Mechanical part

2.         Electrical part

Mechanical part:

The mechanical part is for the purpose of the structure of the device used in automatic equipment. This part gives support and ability to the device to perform functions. It provides a grade, weight, dimension, and protection of the ring.

Electrical part:

Electrical part is used in power and current signaling. Electric part is complicated and faces more difficulties than mechanical. It also faces many challenges like exceeding the limit of current 450A and high-frequency signals.

In a rotary electrical unit:

Through bore slip ring its series is manufactured for the high level of signal transmission. It remains uninfluenced by its speed and provides rotation. It is offered in a variety of shapes and diameter within the range of 3:00”-4:00”. The number of conduction channels and rings are limited by the inner and our diameter of the slip ring. It can work with fundamental or distinct work. Its primary component is reasonable through its center, air, liquid lines, and optical ways or another gadget which is required in the structure.

The clear bore through slip ring provides the routing space for the liquids to control other things. In this science through bore slip ring features the fiber brush technology. It includes many points of contact on force per fiber. These slip rings are related to electrical devices which allow the power transmission or electrical signals between both fix and unfix parts.

          Basic features:

a)         Advance contract brush is reliable and have less friction

b)         For better protection, it has a metallic housing

c)         Integrated structure Mini size (hole size 3~8mm)

d)         Small size (hole size 12.7~20mm)

e)         Normal size (hole size 25.4~90)

f)          Large size (hole size 100~300mm)

          Basic parameters:

 Basic parameters of through bore slip ring are the following:

•          Current

•          Number of rings

•          Highest speed

•          Pressure

          Electrical specifications:

g)         Standard current is 0~22A

h)         Standard voltage is 0~600VAC/VDC

i)          Circuit No. is 0~300 circuits

j)          Hole size ranges from 2.5mm~300mm

          Mechanical specifications:

a)         Inner diameter 30-300mm

b)         Contact material is a precious metal and Gold

c)         Rotating speed is 0-1200 rpm

d)         Temperature range is -30 degrees centigrade to 80-degree centigrade

e)         Material housing is of Aluminum 

f)          Protection degree is IP51 and it can be high on the request

Application of through bore slip ring:

•          Through bore, slip rings are used in new areas like automation equipment, automated testing equipment, and robots

•          It has many applications, mainly these are installed in that equipment which has rotation axis and joint to transmit the signals in both fix and unfix parts.

•          Uses in the packaging material and bottling applications

•          Used in pharmaceutical equipment

•          Also used in torque measurement and oceanographic instruments

•          Used in medical equipment and mining equipment

•          In robotics, revolving doors, model aircraft, shipbuilding, and CNC machinery equipment

•          In emergency lights and processing equipment

          Advantages:

•          Through bore slip ring can support power and signals

•          It uses fiber brush technology which has many benefits

•          This slip does not require any lubrication

•          Power and signal combinations

•          It also provides noise free signals and zero maintenance

•          It is easy for electrical connections

Other related:

1.         Electric spec & structural design of slip rings

2.         High temperature and high speed have some influence on the transmission of signals


Through hole slip ring is used to transmit power and signals where 360 rotationsare required between the contact of brush bundle and contact point. It consists of two parts, the mechanical part, and the electrical part. These are available in different diameter. It is easy for electrical signaling and data connection. Normally through bore slip ring is used in manufacturing industries, revolving doors, robotics, and shipbuilding. Most important thing is they do not require any lubrication.

Image Credits: Hole Slip ring from Dereje/Shutterstock