Three Great Examples of Relationship-Oriented Marketing Offers


2017 is a very good year in which to be alive. This may not always feel true, but when you weigh the blessings and curses of the modern age against one another, I think you’ll be forced to conclude that you are in fact wrong: there are no marauding war bands or ravaging plagues; we have a government we can choose not to elect; and, perhaps best most comforting, there’s a growing number of people who think Satan isn’t real after all – phew.

However, the real icing on your have-d-and-eaten cake is that we live in what’s called a relationship-oriented economy, which means companies must vie for our affection like sweaty contestants on some ignominious game show; sorry Apple, you’re just not cutting it anymore. Find more here about te Vulkan vegas

To explain though: before supply began to exceed demand, so before the industrial revolution really got going, most businesses were production oriented, meaning whoever produced more made more money, as all goods and services which could be bought were quite similar, if not identical. After this came quality orientation, marketing orientation, and finally, relationship-orientation.

The basic idea is because every market is so saturated, it’s no longer enough to just make good products and tout them effectively: we are now so spoilt for choice that companies must court and woo us to maintain our custom and ensure our loyalty, hence our “relationship” to their products and brand image.

Below we look at three examples of hyper-competitive industries offering deals that just make you want to put a ring on it, constituting three strong cases that prove our point of a relationship-oriented economy.

Casino gaming

Due to the vast popularity of online casino gaming, there exists a concordant plethora of online casinos – simple. However, thanks to their sheer number as well as dice jockeys and card sharks being a fickle bunch, by nature, these online casinos have to pull out all the stops.

Companies like 888Casino and Mr Green are offering bonuses and sign-up fees galore to first entice and then retain consumers. Furthermore, the very existence of a site like Casino Bonus Online – a site that sorts all the best offers available to online players – is proof that these guys are dedicated to the war for hearts and minds.

After all, needing a page to sort through your sign-up bonuses is a bit like hiring someone to sift your Valentines cards. It means it’s serious business.

Subscription snacking

In the past, your shopping habits were yours to maintain, at the cost of a little bit of time and effort. Now however, there are a host of businesses just dying for the chance to fill your bag and drop it to your door – and we’re not just talking about delivery either.

Companies like Blue Apron, for instance, will pick out ingredients for you based on stated preferences, while others will take on your mission to shop ethically – how darn noble of them.

Source: Pixabay

Beneficent posturing

As with any long-term relationship, it becomes necessary, now and again, to demonstrate just what on Earth you were doing with that multi-billion dollar tech giant anyway. I mean, sure, they’ve got the dosh, the products, and the reputation, but do they really care?

They worry that this question will creep into their sweethearts’ minds, and eventually their buying habits, keeps giant businesses like Microsoft offering free courses in coding, and is generally responsible for those inexplicable acts of kindness that large corporations often engage in – hey, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

So whatever your type, remember to keep a look out for the one. If its online casino bonuses you’re after for clothing, just Google or even eBay it. Take a look around you – love and deals are in the air!