Things you should know about iPhone service center

iPhone service

They have a team of experts who deal with the iPhone and problems can be quickly identified and repaired. They are servicing and repairing all Apple iPhone models. Next time, at any point, that Mobile requires, give you the opportunity to prove how easy and distracting your portable repair understandings are. iPhone service center in Delhi is providing such services with 100% dedication.

The main goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction and good service to the customer’s needs. Their professionals are fully realized and exceptional in technology, helping us fix the problem with iPhone in less time. Even Apple’s extended warranty covers only two years. You have to pay $ 649 – at least – for the latest iPhone every two years, just to make sure you have a phone that still works? Not necessarily!

You may have certain doubts regarding the service centers

How do I get the iPhone?

Apple offers a number of features for iPhone repair, support and service. Choose the best for you. Support articles can answer the question. Or you can help repair broken screens, replace batteries, and fix other problems.

Apple Limited Warranty

  • Apple’s limited warranty covers one year from the date of purchase of the product for manufacturing defects in the product and Apple-branded accessories.
  •  The warranty is in addition to the rights granted by consumer law.
  • The warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents or unauthorized modifications. See the warranty for details.
  • You can check your warranty status online and update your purchase receipt if there is an error in the records.

Warranty service

  • Repairs are not guaranteed if:
  • The iPhone is more than a year old
  • iPhone has a problem that is not covered by warranty or consumer rights, such as damage caused by accidental or unauthorized modifications
  • You may be able to repair or replace the product for a warranty fee.
  • The replacement iPhone will be new or innovative, both in terms of performance and reliability.
  • Apple’s limited warranty is in addition to the rights granted by consumer law.

Battery service

  • Apple’s Limited Warranty contains a defective battery but does not cover normal wear.
  • Apple may need to inspect the product to find a battery problem.

If the battery has a manufacturing fault and is covered by the warranty or consumer law, it can be used at no additional cost.

If your iPhone battery does not feature, contact your local Apple Authorized Service Provider or the carrier for non-warranty battery service.

Screen Repair

If the iPhone screen is interrupted, They may be able to resolve it. They will send it to their Apple Repair Center for accurate calibration on their special equipment.

  • The cost of repair depends on the type of iPhone and further damage. Damage caused by an accident or abuse is not covered by Apple’s warranty.
  •  If cracks appear on the screen due to manufacturing defects, Apple is covered by the warranty.

Get ready for iPhone

  • Backup your iPhone using iCloud or iTunes.
  • You will need to restore your backup if you need to restore or replace your iPhone.
  • Make sure you know the Apple ID and password of yours.
  • Remove it and keep if your iPhone has a SIM card.
  • When servicing, keep the cables and other accessories.
  • See the complete guide to servicing your iPhone.

After service

When you restore your iPhone from the service, you can have a new operating system. If your iPhone uses a SIM card, insert it. Turn on your iPhone and follow the on-screen steps. After completing the setup, restore your data from the backup.

The guarantee the services, including replacement parts, for up to 90 days or the remaining duration of the Apple Guarantee or AppleCare Plan Coverage, whichever is longer. This is in addition to the rights provided by consumer law. This service is provided when you receive a service from us or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

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