Six things you should do after buying a new Android Phone

So, are changing your old Android Phone with a new multi-facet phones in the market? With companies like Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony, Motorola and LG introducing new phones every day you have tons of options to switch for a better hand-held device.

If you have planned to buy a new phone or if you have bought one already, there are few things that you should do and keep in mind for a successful upgrade. tells you which things are essential before moving to a new phone.

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Contact Synchronization

Switching to a new phone means losing your contacts. Mostly people do not sync their old phones completely. So as a result, new contacts after the last sync are lost. So before switching your phone you should do this click on:

Settings > Account > Google

Check whether your contacts are synced or not. If they are not, make it sure by doing them once again before planning to switch on a new Android phone.

Backup your Photos


Google introduced a new app this year named as Google Photos. This app automatically uploads photos and videos of users to Cloud (Google Drive). After uploading and syncing of your photos, you can download them to your new device or see the pictures on the web version of Google Photos.

Deleting your Account


If you are about to sell your old Android device or may be giving it to a person for using, remember this important thing. Delete all the accounts you have signed in with your old Android device. You can also do it by factory reset setting but by this all the data will also be lost. So, you can do it manually by clicking on:

Settings > Accounts

Now delete all the types of accounts and services from here.

Delete all the App data


After you remove your account from the previous point, you also need to delete your app data, which doesn’t get deleted when you delete the account. For example, if you have deleted the Facebook account from the Android account menu, you will not get logged out, but the data of your Facebook account is still on your phone. Like if you use Facebook Messenger, anybody will be able to access it, if you do not delete the app data.

This can be done by going to:

Settings > App Manager

Clear the app data from here, you have to repeat this clearing data for all the apps.

Delete all the Internet Browsing Data


After deleting your Google account, you will be logged out from Google account services. However, it will not delete the browsing data. To remove this go to:

Settings > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data


shareit app

To transfer data from one device to another becomes easy with the SHAREit app. With this, you can transfer all the files, apps, contacts, etc. from one phone to the other. Moreover, this app is free.