Things You Need to Do with Your Dog as They Get Older

old dog pets

Your pet requires love and attention, and as they age you need to closely watch them. Yes, they will appreciate the amenities. You should consider the following things to take care of your aging pet, because  you can’t treat them as you used to.

Make Up for their Weakened Vision and Hearing

Most pet owners mistake their petís weakened hearing ability for disobedience. People often believe their pet is ignoring them. They donít believe their pet has lost their hearing or vision. Observe your dog. Donít wait for the situation to get severe before you take action. If your dog doesnít notice your approach, they may react defensively. Itís also possible when you touch them that you might cause pain in sensitive areas.

Old dogs do suffer from the loss of sight and hearing ability. So, you should train your dog with hand signals.  Most dogs who lose their hearing ability can detect vibrations. So, you can still get its attention, if you clap, or knock on a surface.

Vision Loss is another common issue with older dogs. If your pet has become clumsy, and they canít find their food or water, it doesnít mean they are lazy, or they think of you as a servant. No, it means they have trouble finding these things. Even though your dog may be having some age-related health issues, there are ways to  work around them to assist your aging dog. Clear the clutter, and mark different rooms with a scent or a textured rug. This way, your dog will know which room they entered just by touching the floor, or smelling the scent. Block off dangerous areas, and keep familiar things in the same place.

Diet and Other Issues

As your dog gets older, they will have the same appetite, but their ability to burn calories is not the same. Obesity is a health issue for everyone, and it can lead to other issues as well. When we age, our metabolism slows down, and we need fewer calories to maintain our weight. Itís the same with your pet, they act as hungry, but their body is not burning calories like it used to.

There is a reason why companies design different food for older dogs. It helps with digestion as they have fewer calories, less fat, and more fiber with nutritional value. You need to cut down on the amount of  treats you give your pet throughout the day.

As your pet loses their vision, hearing, and digestion, their potty-training will have disappeared. They might ruin your carpet or floor. Your dog isnít doing it on purpose. Their health is doing it, and you have to come up with a strategy for it.

Use pet diapers; they can save you a lot of trouble. Older dogs can become incontinent, and suffer from urinary issues when they are excited, so itís important you use dog diapers which fit your dog well. If you arenít familiar with pet diapers, you should contact Pet Parents.

Pet Parents is a specialized Pet Store designed for pet owners. It helps you with the daily care of your pet, health issues, and more.

They Need More Grooming

Your aging pet needs more care than they used to, for example they need groomed more often. They are facing several issues because of their failing health. So, it’s your responsibility to take care of them. Spend more time with your pet, pay attention to them, and notice changes in their behavior or routine. Watch for symptoms, and have veterinarian check-ups regularly.

Image credit: Old dog pets via thka/Shutterstock