4 Things to know about Facebook ads in 2019


Social media marketing is always evolving and as new trends come to fruition, new techniques and methods are developed. After all, the world is always changing. And when it comes to Facebook, which is the world’s largest social network, you will often find constant changes, especially in their ads. Every change that takes effect can also have an effect on Instagram especially when it comes to advertising. For this reason, every marketing agency has to be constantly updated with these changes to effectively target the right audience and reach out to more people.

Here are 4 things to know about Facebook ads in 2019.

1.  Facebook Stories Ads

Facebook Stories has taken the world by storm when it started. It allowed people to create new experiences in this platform. In the same way, it has also given an opportunity for brands to provide a new experience in this feature in the platform. While Instagram Stories is still more popular for a lot of creatives and brands today, Facebook Stories ads already have a way to reach a lot of people and have more options for both platforms. Utilizing this feature is one of the best ways to successfully launch a Facebook ad campaign.

2.  Creative Compass

One of the challenges for marketers is how to fully understand and see the impact of their ads prior to it being live. Luckily, this is something that Facebook has been working on to make it a lot easier for advertisers to understand the tools and performance of their ads. This is still in the testing phase and has only been made available to select partners but it is a promising tool that can make it easier for advertisers to make their ads perform well. It measures several key factors like the brand fit, visual impact, and other advanced factors.

3.  Facebook Page Recommendations

This Facebook update’s goal is to provide Page visitors with a better insight into what they can expect based on other people’s previous experience. This feature adds an extra boost of transparency to the feedback which is something that a lot of customers definitely wants to know. Once you look at a certain Facebook page, you will be able to see not just their rating and reviews, but you will also see who among your friends recommend it. It’s one of the best Facebook updates for 2019.

4.  Multi-channel ads

As we enter a new year of social media advertising, you can expect that Facebook has embraced the multi-channel affair. Ads can now be reinforced in multiple platforms and target more users. This initiative is a good move as most of these channels compliments each other. This is why a lot of advertisers embrace this to generate more sales. Studies have also shown that audiences coming from paid search who are exposed to Facebook ads generates more return. Cross-channel advertising is definitely a very effective strategy but one should study it and do a lot of research for it to launch successfully.

Image Credits: Facebook from GaudiLab /Shutterstock