Things to consider before buying a server


If you are looking for a new server in the market, you should be able to evaluate your requirements and get one which critically meets your business needs. Buying a server isnít an economical matter especially for new startups and even to large enterprises, it’s surely a huge expenditure. So one should thoroughly analyze the server features and key aspects of making this big investment.

Whether itís an own small business like startup or extended corporate business, everyone needs a safe and secure place to store their valuable business data. Choosing a right server with appropriate configuration, as per your business requirement and at very economical or lowest price is a very tedious task, which everyone worries about. Now here we are to help you out with is a tough job, let’s start with discussing what are the main things to know before purchasing a server?? Points to consider while going for shopping a new server??

The list begins here..!!! Major 7 things to be checked before purchasing a server

Check Requirement:

Great requirement analysis should be done about your business need before shopping. Firstly check with functionalities of the server, model of the server you need for your business and performance requirement.

Any business needs 100% uptime and protection against hardware failures, so choose a server with no downtime issues. Also check for hardware infrastructure at your end to support power to your servers, since most of the business today are concentrating on cloud-based servers to receive adequate functionality, avoiding physical hardware.

Your business environment also plays a major role while selecting server design, make sure to have sufficient space left on your rack. When you need limited capacity servers choose blade servers, which are typically thinner and require minimum physical space. While tower servers are standing model like tower PC, and rack servers are specially designed to be installed in a rack.

Brand Name:

Investing in a good is always beneficial to your business in terms of supreme performance and technical support during issues. Many top most brands like IBM, HP, LENOVO, DELL etc. are available in the present market with trending features a to support small to large scale business. Always try to choose a server from brands which offer technical assistance during server issues like server crashes and reliable 24/7 services. Always look for expertise brand in server management, when considering a server, to own tremendous advantage

Technical specs:

Getting knowledge of Server Technical specifications are very crucial in choosing right server for your business requirement. One of the major software consideration is to run the server using Windows or Linux operating system, choose one upon your need. Depending on your business performance requirements check with the processor, RAM and Hard drive options on your server. Also, check for necessary driver support before making a purchase.


Scalability is another major issue when choosing a server. Have to check server scalability based on your business growth or need like adding extra processor or hard drive for a requirement with any technical issues or hardware failures. Always look for a server with more processing capacity and storage, helping your business growth.

Power and noise:

The major haunting question of many business leads isĒ how noisy is my server?Ē. Its very important to consider the noise levels from the server, by checking out the noise comparison charts from many server brands like DELL, HP etc.

Calculation of annual power consumption of a sever really matters for any type of business, so keep a look at power consumption and Check how much power your server will consume annually before making a purchase.


Purchasing a server for any type of business is not all a cheap thing. It’s an expensive affair, costing you lots of money, depending on specifications and model features. Thatís the reason price is one of the biggest consideration during buying a server. Make sure not to waste your money on unnecessary functionalities. Work out on your budget with your technical and management team to decide upon budget and make your decision on the server based on brand, functionality, support and warranty.

Service and warranty:

Promising technical support or service plays a very important factor, decision-making point, during the selection of server for your business. Warranty is an important promise to stand behind the product, which is the major key role in resolving usage issues. Always choose to sever from top brands with high warranty.