Things All Businesses Need to Know Before Shipping to the US

Before Shipping

America is one of the largest and most affluent economies in the world, and as such is an incredibly popular country for businesses to ship/sell their products to. There are, however, plenty of considerations every business, large or small, must make before sending their products overseas. Here are some of the most important, which should help most businesses avoid major setbacks when shipping items to the US.


The most obvious consideration which a business must take seriously is customs, which are known to be fairly strict in the US. It is important that they check which items may be prohibited from entering the country so that they can avoid losing any valuable stock to customs control.

It is also important to look at the regulations which US customs apply to goods coming into the country (on size and weight of parcel, for example), as well as whether a licence may be needed for certain goods.


Another important factor to think about is logistics, or getting the items from A to B. Using a reliable courier to deliver the items from the country of origin to the USA is a good start, as is considering which methods of transport may best suit the business’s needs in terms of speed of delivery.

Shipping by plane is usually the fastest way to send goods, but also by far the most expensive. Many choose to send their goods via cargo ship, which may take time but is also one of the most reliable methods. Once the goods have arrived in the US and cleared customs, they will then often be delivered by road.


Finally, the price of sending goods is also important, as is deciding who will pay for the delivery. A reliable logistics/courier company will usually be able to manage the entire delivery process for a single price, but it is important that businesses also get the best price possible.

This may mean looking at different logistics companies, as well as analysing which modes of transport will be the most effective (for the price) for delivering the goods to the US.

Setting up regular shipments to the US need not be a challenging task, but it does require careful thought and planning ahead. Businesses should make sure they are well clued up about each stage of the delivery process, from sending the shipment out to delivering it to the door of the overseas recipient.