Therapy in the Times of Corona

One day we were living our lives, and the next day, we were bottled home. As slowly as the biggest disease that has made its presence on everyoneís lips appeared, it has been spreading around like wildfire. The shocking fact is that it isnít limited to one country or territory and has no vaccination or cure yet. 

Welcome to the times of Coronavirus or very famously known as the COVID-19 short for Coronavirus Disease of 2019. Our country is put under a strict lockdown whereby people are asked to stay at home and conduct their lives for the disease is spreading widely. Since this is for an indefinite period, everything seems bleak. With no end in sight, people are undergoing depression, anxiety and are frustrated being cooped at home. 

Disease or no disease, one must have a regular mental health check-up for it too is a part of our body just as we have yearly health check-ups to determine our health status. However, in our current situation, its prominence has grown manifold. 

Why therapy? 

It is not just being at home that is affecting the mental health of the citizens of various countries. There is the stress of not being able to work, which affects the incoming salary each year. This means it is challenging to maintain household expenses. The constant pressure adds a strain on family life, making families fight and argue. 

To add to these woes is the constant flow of worry in the form of news that is bleak and negative. This is not only harmful but also dangerous to the mind. The forwards we receive and the news we watch all affect our mental health. 

Is telephone therapy the best way? 

In such a scenario, when people cannot get out to discuss their mental health with a counselor or a therapist, counseling on the phone is the best thing that can happen. The government have started their helpline numbers where citizens can call and speak their mind. These are trying times, and, in such times, when things look bleak all around us, it is best to talk to someone. 

You might have tried speaking your mind to your friends and other family members on video or regular calls. However, they arenít experts to deal with such situations since they too may be experiencing what you are and cannot help you any better than you can help yourself. So who better to attend to it but a professional? 

Many would argue that telephone therapy isnít the best foot forward. Still, in more than one situation, it has helped cease people from committing suicide and actually enabled them to heal inwardly. You can†click here†to know more.†

Is it affordable? 

Government lines that are running to help people for therapy are not chargeable since the number is toll-free. However, private therapists are still charging about Rs. 500- Rs. 2000 per hour for a phone counseling session depending upon the therapist. 

Most people are working from their homes while some arenít working at all, so salaries arenít coming in as usual. Therefore, it is best to opt for a government helpline number when you find yourself getting anxious or depressed. 

Is there an alternate option? 

Ideally, face to face therapy is the best form of therapy, for individuals can communicate to the therapist like a normal conversation. The emotions have an outlet and can be expressed more freely. There may be many who may not be comfortable to speak of what is troubling them to a person on call. In such cases, you can always opt for online therapy or counseling. Make sure that you have a strong and secure connection that will help you connect a therapist and speak freely. 

Online counseling is getting very popular now since most people donít have the time to talk on call. At times, they also feel awkward hearing another personís voice on call and relaying their problems to this individual. 


This time that we are in is uncertain and trying times. However, we can overcome this time by building the hope to cross this time with a positive mind. Understandably, this may not be entirely possible staying put within the four walls of your house. This is why when you feel things spiraling down in your mind and feel unheard of, speak to a therapist. This, since friends and family members, are biased in their opinions and suggestions, whereas therapists are practical and speak with clarity.