Themed Party Picks for the Teenage Girls

Themed Party

Themed parties are always fun, no matter how old or young the person being celebrated is. There are just so many ideas and options to choose from!

For teenage girls, having the best possible party can feel really important, so a themed party can be a great way to make their party stick out in the minds of all their friends, and a talking point in the school halls! It’s a better gift than any Playboy necklace product, though those are great, too!

If you’re looking for ideas, look no further. Below are our favorite themed party ideas for teenage girls. Like, ever.

Off to the Prom

Perfect for young teens who are a couple of years away from going to the prom for real, there are a few different ways to do this one.

Your first option is to have all the guests ‘get ready’ for the prom at the party itself and provide a dress-up box of options for them to wear. You can ask people you know to donate old clothes or pick them up yourself at a local thrift store. A dress shouldn’t cost more than a few dollars, especially if you go for something like an ’80s theme! Those pink taffeta ball gowns of that era are super-fun to wear and make for incredible photos. The guests can then choose an outfit from the box, or maybe even parade around the house in a few different ones before making their decision. Sort of like a pre-prom fashion show!

Once everyone has chosen a dress, you can turn their attention to hair and makeup. They can do their own, have fun doing each other’s, or if you really want to push the boat out, you can hire a professional to come in to make everyone up and do their hair. Make sure to have some complementary colors and hair accessories on hand! You can also provide additional accessories such as bags, wraps, and even corsages to give the full prom look.

For this type of party, the ‘prom’ can take place either at home or at a restaurant. If the latter, we recommend hiring a car or limo to escort everyone to the venue in style. Don’t forget – it’s not a prom without dancing!

Alternatively, to save on time and costs, you could encourage party guests to get ready at their own homes, with your home serving as the prom ‘venue.’ If you have space, you could transform an entire room of your home into a blinged-out dance hall with a band (or just music), snacks, and decorations. Everyone gets a glass of (non-alcoholic) fizz on arrival, and you can even provide corsages for the girls if you want.

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Make Your Own Pizza Party

Every teenager likes pizza, and every teenager likes pizza parties. Put a fun participatory twist on this classic teen party by having the guests make their own pizzas, even the dough for the base!

When the guests arrive, set each one up with their own dough station (making sure to leave plenty of elbow room and space for rolling out) and bowls of toppings such as tomato sauce, cheeses, vegetables, and meats. If using toppings such as chicken, or mushrooms, make sure to cook these beforehand. Once everyone has finished crafting their pizza, go around the room and take ‘before’ shots with your camera. You can take an ‘after’ shot once the pizzas have come out, so each guest has a memento of what they made! Then, it’s time to eat! You can decorate the table with pizza-themed stuff if you want, or even let the kids eat outside if there’s space and you have good weather.

You can make this party even more fun with personalized rolling pins, chef’s hats, and aprons. You can also add dessert with a follow-up cupcake-baking session!

Spa Day Sleepover Party

In most cases, spa days are reserved for adults. After all, isn’t it only adults who need a respite from the stresses and strains of adult life? It may seem that way, but being a teenager can be just as stressful. For the perfect spa day party, invite only a few people. It’s more relaxing that way. You’ll also need to spend time and money assembling a kit of spa day accessories for each guest, so keeping the guest list short will help you keep costs reasonable.

Each guest will need a bag containing a shower cap, foam flip flops (you should be able to find these online easily), and a towel. You can also provide a robe if you’d like. Each guest will need to bring a pair of pajamas.

When the guests arrive, you can offer them a glass of non-alcoholic fizzy wine. You can also hand out ‘menus’ of what’s available at the ‘spa.’ We’re not talking about massages or anything like that, but manicures and foot soaks, face masks, and pedicures are all good options.

Before you do anything involving water or soap, make sure all gifts are opened and stored away safely. This is an activity that can be done while everyone drinks their arrival ‘wine.’ Then, it’s time to let the girls soak their feet in hot water and bath salts while they catch up and relax. Afterward, it’s time to get painting.

Make sure you have a good selection of nail polish colors in advance, so that each guest can choose a color (or colors) that she really loves. You can either play the beautician and paint each guest’s nails individually, or pair them up and get them to paint each other’s.

Once everyone’s nails are dry, it’s time for face masks. You can make these easily out of household ingredients, such as oatmeal and honey and sliced cucumber for a refreshing eye boost. Once those have been washed off, and you’re surrounded by glowing skin, it’s time for pizza, pajamas, and a movie. Done!

Costume Party

Costume parties are great because the theme can be pretty much anything you want, from a time period or a specific fashion movement, to a letter of the alphabet, movies, music, or anything else you can think of. You could even take it a step further and have the guests act and speak like their characters, and only refer to each other by their character name for the whole party!

You can either host the costume party at your home or take the guests out to a venue in town. If you’re hosting at home and the party has a specific theme, make sure to carry that theme into your decorations – even the food and drink if you’re feeling really adventurous! For example, if you’re having a movie-themed party, why not go for awards show-themed decor? You can serve canapes and non-alcoholic champagne, and even hand out replica Oscars with categories such as ‘Best Dressed’ and ‘Most Likely to Become Famous.’

If you’re heading out for the costume party, call ahead and see if you can bring your own decorations. That way, you can still keep the theme going wherever you go! Also, make sure you have a cake and candles that a server can bring out for the climactic ‘Happy Birthday’ moment!

If you have guests who can’t pick up their own costume for any reason, you should be able to pick up a ton of stuff at your local thrift store that you can add to a ‘costume box.’ You could even theme the entire party around guests creating their own looks from thrift items!

Beach Party

The easiest way to do a beach party is, unsurprisingly, to go to the beach. If this isn’t an option, it’s still possible to bring the beach to you in a way that doesn’t break the bank or involve filling your back yard with sand!

For a quick and easy option that’s low-cost, buy each guest a lei (Hawaiian necklace made from flowers), and if you don’t have a pool in your yard, pick up a decent-sized paddling pool from your local homeware store. You could also provide each guest with a pair of beach sandals, and make a fun crafting activity out of personalizing them!

If you do plan to go to an actual beach, be sure to check local regulations to make sure it’s okay for you to do so, and know any restrictions on activities you might want to do. It’s also important to be aware of other people on the beach who may be disturbed by your party. Also, pack plenty of sunscreens! We don’t want anyone going home sunburned.

Whichever party theme you choose, be sure to take a lot of pictures so it will be remembered forever. It’s your child’s special day, and it deserves to be recognized! Also, remember that the best gift of all is time with friends and family, so even if your party is more low-key, it will still be spectacular as long as all your child’s loved ones are there.