The US’ most googled computer problems


From time to time we all run into computer problems and it is pretty safe to say that we all turn to our good old friend Google when something’s gone wrong and we don’t quite know what to do about it.

No matter what computer you use, or how high-tech it might be, someone out there has experienced something similar and is ready to offer a helping hand during your time of need.

Industry experts PPC Shield have recently conducted research into the most Googled computer problems in the US.

So if you are curious to know about the biggest issues that Americans have with their computers then look no further, this article is for you.

What are the US’ most Googled computer problems?

The most Googled computer problem in the US is for a “forgotten password” with an impressive average monthly search volume of 203,500.

This was followed by “computer too slow” which had an average of 167,730 searches per month which was closely followed by “blue screen of death” which has 164,580 average monthly searches.

Keen to know more? Let’s dive into the top ten most common computer problems in the US right now.

Forgotten password

This is an age-old problem which has pretty much been around since we started using computers. Forgetting our passwords and having to reset them by going through various hoops can quite often be the bain of our lives.

No matter how good our intention is to remember them all, we rarely do. Especially as the password requirements are becoming more and more obscure. How many @!$& can you fit into yours?

So the top spot might not be the biggest surprise. But the search volume is pretty impressive. With 203, 500 monthly searches, it receives more than 5x the number of searches than our tenth place search query.

Computer is too slow

With today’s technologies and ever-improving advancements, it seems surprising that “computer is too slow” comes in as the second most Googled computer problem in the US.

But the data doesn’t lie. At 167,730 monthly searches, clearly, a large portion of the US population is struggling with their computer speed.

Blue screen of death

The “blue screen of death” also known as “BSoD” comes in as the third most Googled computer problem. For those using the Windows operating system, this might be all too familiar.

This error screen will appear after a fatal system error has occurred and you will need to restart your computer to try and resolve the issue. Unsurprisingly this problem has raked in 164, 580 Google searches.

Internet is too slow

In this day and age, we rely on the internet for almost everything. Over the past few years particularly it has become a lifeline for communication and day-to-day function.

So when it isn’t working properly, or if there are any ways to help speed it along, it is no surprise that people are keen to find out more. With an average of 157,600 monthly searches, “internet is too slow” comes in at a solid fourth place.

Windows 10 recovery

Windows 10 takes fifth, sixth, and seventh place as the most searched computer problems for various issues.

For those that use Windows 10 and something goes wrong or there seems to be an error of some kind, then knowing how to recover it can be a quick fix.

“Windows 10 recovery” has on average an impressive 106,700 Google searches each month.

Windows 10 update problems

The most recent Windows 10 update back in March 2021 has gotten quite the reputation for causing problems.

The dreaded Blue Screen of Death has featured on many people’s computers lately as they have struggled with the new Windows 10 update.

This problem has had 86,310 monthly Google searches by those trying to resolve the issues.

Reset Windows 10

In seventh, we have “reset Windows 10” as another popular search term. Similar to Windows 10 recovery, this search term aims to resolve the majority of Windows 10 issues with a quick reset so that you can get your computer back up and running.

When you reset your Windows 10 you can choose to go back to an earlier version of the operating system, which might be a popular option with so many update issues.

On average, this computer problem receives 57,800 monthly searches on Google.

Printer not printing

No matter how many years we have been using printers, we all get caught out occasionally.

We’ve checked that there is ink and toner, that there is plenty of paper, that it is connected to our wifi and/or plugged into our computer, so why is the printer still not printing?

Clearly, 47,950 other people have the same question.

Mouse and keyboard not working

In ninth place, issues with the mouse and keyboard have resulted in an average of 40,940 Google searches each month.

Russian keyboard with mouse without wires on white isolate background with hands

Whether you are using a remote Bluetooth-operated mouse and keyboard or the traditional plug-in, anyone can fall victim to this common computer problem.

Computer not starting

Finally, the tenth most searched for computer problem in the US is “computer not starting” with an average 36,550 search volume.

We are all dreading the day when we go to turn our computer on and absolutely nothing happens. We can’t help but try and eke out the lifeline when we notice it slowing down. So it is no surprise that we are all doing whatever we can to make it last just that little bit longer, hoping that Google will provide some miracle answers.

What type of computer has the most problems?

According to the research, Windows operating system has the highest search volume for computer problems with a combined total of over 400,000 monthly searches.

The most commonly searched terms have been:

  • Blue screen of death
  • Windows 10 recovery
  • Windows 10 update problems
  • Reset Windows 10

These four problems crept up to the third, fifth, sixth, and seventh-most searched for computer faults across the whole of the US.


So there we have it. The most Googled computer problems in the US. The next time you run into an issue with your computer, know that you are not alone, and there are many others out there who are frantically using Google to try and fix their technical issues.