The Ultimate Print Material Checklist for Your Business

Marketing has become ever more so a digital conversation when you look at popular strategies for getting your brand seen in the market, with the rise of social media, SEO, and Google Ads. This doesn’t mean that print advertising should be shunned completely, though, and the opposite may be true. As people spend more of their lives online, they can stop seeing ads, or may use ad blockers, so that your brand never even reaches them. Techniques like direct mailers are being used again as a strategy to get in front of people. There are lots of other print materials you may want to consider that we’ve listed for you here: 


A brochure is an ideal way to summarize and present your services. Brochures can be easily handed out at events and can be pinned up at other local businesses to increase how many people see them. Because brochures are tangible and real, people are more likely to hold onto them and see them around the office again and again. This is unlike digital ads that are out of your mind as soon as you scroll past them. The trick to a good brochure is a great design and just enough copy to get your message across.

Signage and banners

Another great way to market yourself is with signs and banners, especially if you run a brick and mortar business, which is where you’re going to get a lot of your natural footfall and awareness. Banners are also handy at events, and if you regularly attend these, then a good set of pull-up banners will be a huge asset. Make sure you use a good supplier like Printmoz Window Decals to get quality signage and banners that won’t be ignored.

Business cards

Wherever you are, a business card may come in handy, so it’s always useful to have a few on you.

Business cards are a simple and effective way of giving someone your details in just a few seconds, and similar to a brochure, it’s a tangible object that can be branded, making it less likely that the person will forget about you.

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If you go to events or networking events, they are particularly useful, and clean, modern design will help give the impression of a legitimate professional business.

Direct mail

As mentioned, direct mail is making a comeback. While direct mail was once the king of spam, this now belongs to our email inboxes, with direct mailers becoming less common, and therefore, more impactful. One of the real tricks to direct mail is to be specific about who you send them to. As you need to pay for the print and postage for each one, don’t take a scatter-gun approach. Instead, focus on people that you know are interested in your product or service. A unique design with an offer or invitation to an exclusive event will make the person feel special rather than being spammed.

Image Credit: checklist via Nishihama/Shutterstock