The Ultimate Guide to Receiving OTP without a Mobile Phone Number

receivinng otp

Different websites and apps are adding the mobile phone number verification feature to their systems every day. But not everyone appreciates such innovations as often this feature is available only in a small number of countries and those who live in others lose the opportunity to use a certain online service. Moreover, some people would simply prefer to not disclose their phone numbers for security purposes. Using temporary phone numbers is a straightforward solution in both mentioned and other cases. You can utilize them to receive the OTP required to sign up for any platform when located anywhere in the world.

Technical side of temporary numbers

Temporary numbers are a relatively new product on the market if we compare them to other telephony solutions. Due to this, many people still don’t know what they are and how they work. There is nothing complicated about them though.

Technically, such numbers are standard mobile phone numbers that we use on our mobile phones for daily tasks. They have the same number of digits as well as area and country dialing codes. However, there is one noticeable difference. Instead of a mobile phone, temporary numbers are used online through specialized websites and apps.

Most often these numbers are provided solely for one-time use. Therefore, they are also called disposable. This means that no one can use them after you and get access to accounts that were created with their help. You don’t have to worry about privacy and security. Some platforms, however, may also offer long-time temporary phone numbers that work for up to a few months. Numbers of this kind can receive an unlimited number of OTP during the lease period and provided to one person only being private and secure too.

Global access

The main worry among newcomers is whether it is possible or not for them to take advantage of temporary numbers. Thankfully, there are no requirements for potential users. Everyone has the opportunity to use them no matter where you work or how financially able you are. The only thing that is needed is a modern device with an internet connection. This makes it possible to utilize these numbers from any country in the world.

To say more, temporary phone numbers are also suitable for registration on any online service. You can use them for WhatsApp, Google or Tinder sign up without any issues. The full list of supported services is as follows:

  • Social networks;
  • Instant messengers;
  • Online marketplaces;
  • Dating apps;
  • Food delivery, cab, and other services.

Temporary numbers operate in the same way as ordinary ones do regardless of the website and app they are used with. So, they can be used on any of those that give users the option to verify a mobile phone number during the registration process or in other cases when verification is possible or required.

Obtaining a temporary phone number

Nowadays, temporary numbers are offered by a wide variety of companies. They provide their services as mobile apps as well as websites. But the choice must be made really carefully, especially if the goal is to find a convenient platform in addition to high-quality numbers at an affordable price. One of the best companies that meet the mentioned requirements is SMS-Man, which has been providing their solutions for many years and proved to be a reliable and trustworthy partner for more than a million users. Here is how to get temp phone number with it if needed:

1. Create a profile on sms-man.com.

2. Select the payment option on the appropriate tab and then use it to add funds to your balance.

3. Proceed to the main page and select where the temporary phone number should come from along with the website or app it should be compatible with. Once done choosing, click on “Buy SMS”.

You will automatically get the requested temporary number right after that. It will be shown on the homepage of the website. Copy this number and use it to receive OTP from a relevant online service. Your one-time password will pop up right next to the number on SMS-Man after clicking on “Get SMS”.