The Top 5 Benefits You Can Harness From a Free Proxy Server

Proxy Server

A proxy server is a specialized tool that acts as an intermediary mechanism between the internet user and the website he/she is trying to gain access to. Usually, when you browse on the internet, you send some specific requests directly to the website. These requests can be simply for opening the webpage or for playing videos or music. However, in such cases, your web security is openly exposed to the open platform of the internet, and in the current digitalized era, your computer’s privacy protection could not be more indispensable.

A proxy server makes use of its private proxy server that redirects the traffics originating from your computer to its private server, and forwards your request to the target website. The permission from the website is then fed back through the same private server to your computer. So, you get the job done (opening the website), but technically you maintain an incognito status because you were never in direct contact with the website. Thus, a proxy server provides fluctuating degrees of computer privacy and functionality as well.

Here are some of the persuasive benefits you can obtain from utilizing a free proxy server.

1. You can gain access to blocked websites

This is probably the most crucial benefit of a free proxy server, and also the primary reason why the majority of the people make use of it. Internet is filled with piracy websites that allow you to download all the latest files, especially movies and music without any cost. These websites make unauthorized replication of the original files that are usually labelled with copyright permission, and hence, are blocked for conventional internet access.

However, since a proxy server acts as an intermediary system between you and the target website, it shrouds your authentic server and helps you gain access to blocked websites such as the Private Bay. This enables you to download all the latest music, movies, videos, games or any type of applications for free via the pirate website.

2. Regulate the internet usage capacity of your employees

A proxy server can be of immense help if you want to monitor and control the internet usage magnitude of your employees in the workplace. Effective internet utilization from your employees can play a notable role in enhancing their work productivity. However, idle internet usage during working hours can produce the most contradicting result as well.

A private proxy can enable you to tweak your workplace internet settings to block some specific websites where you don’t want your employees to snoop around during the working hours. If blocking the webpage is too harsh, a proxy server can also enable you to monitor the internet usage so you can keep an eye on how much time they are goofing off on the internet.

3. Enhance the speed of the internet

This is again another one of the vital benefits of implementing a proxy server in your workplace. Internet speed will always play a significant role in regulating the efficiency of your workplace, and a proxy server helps you achieve the analogous result. This is primarily due to the proxy server’s ability to cache data, which in simple terms means, it can enhance the loading speed of a certain website that you open on a daily basis for work purpose. So, if you and your employees open an Xyz website daily for making transactions or any other work-related purpose, the proxy server can save the website data and enhance the loading speed when you utilize the website multiple times.

Also, a private proxy handles multiple requests efficiently and ensures improved internet speed. Whenever multiple employees make the request for opening a specific website, the proxy server only sends a single request and the permission received is fed back to all the computers simultaneously, hence enhancing the work efficiency.

4. Provides optimum privacy and security

Unlike the conventional form of internet browsing, proxy servers allow you to open different websites without exposing your authentic network address. This is especially helpful if you are trying to gain access to a blocked or piracy website. Since these websites are legally blocked due to their unauthorized duplication of copyright products, you can land yourself in some serious trouble if you are detected browsing them without any security mechanism.

A proxy server hides your IP address which means your computer’s network address is hidden away to discourage any form of spying activities while you browse through the blocked webpage. In addition to this, you can also configure your private proxy settings to enable private browsing as well. The proxy server will alter the address of your computer to hide your identity from the destination server. This protects the incognito status of your request, or simply, the destination website will have no access to determine who made the original request; hence maintaining the anonymity of your internet browsing history.

Image credit: Proxy Server via Alexander Yakimov/Shutterstock