The Strategy of an IT Company Entering a New Market

IT Company

When starting your business or planning further operational development in any market, it is very important to consider a huge number of factors. One of them is the web software solution you are using, particularly proxy services. If you are searching for a great network program, take a look at https://soax.com/mobile-proxies. The platform offers fast and cheap services.

Even if you found your first customers and earned a name in the IT world, you may still face some scaling problems. The main one is choosing a niche to promote your product or company. Let’s look over them and discuss the issues.

Some Parameters to Bear in Mind When Entering a New Market 

You may ask how to decide which market the company should enter to gain the most benefits. A good idea would be to analyze some basic economic parameters and metrics. It is better to regulate the potential customers by the geographic area (country or region) because you will be able to find the statistics needed. Take a look at:

  • the country’s GDP — the more, the better;
  • the regional popularity of your specific technology;
  • working experience with customers from this region;
  • weight of the industry in which you have the most clout in the current business environment;
  • level of the communication networks (language, partners, sales points, etc.).

Try to refer to some specific parameters that will show you whether it is relevant to enter the market or not. At the same time, take into account your company and staff experience and add to the statistics a few subjective indexes.

Business Development Strategy

Even if you have chosen the right market, there is a lot of work ahead with tactical issues to plan:

  • creating your ideal customer profile;
  • making a unique sales proposal;
  • establishing and computerizing the process of potential customer generation in the company with the help of automatization;
  • organizing the process of lidogeneration;
  • implementing the needed SEO tools (write appropriate articles to enter markets, perform internal web source optimization, etc.).

Considering the technology stack, we advise you to use methods and instruments that you know perfectly and have worked with for quite a long time. If you want to create an IT product company from scratch, pay attention to the popularity of the chosen technology in the world. Here are 2 quick ways:

  • Look over how many active tasks there are now for the chosen technology on the Upwork platform. It allows you to see the clients’ demand and highlight the most prospective production vectors. 
  • If you want to see the full picture, it is better to analyze the popularity for the whole year based on the world’s most popular code repository — GitHub. The vast majority of companies store codes using this service.

Some practical steps should be taken in accordance with your middle-term business development strategy. Focus on promotion, sales, SEO, and lidogeneration on the first stage. This will boost your marketing position and give you some additional income later.

Brief Conclusions 

As you can see, there is nothing super complicated about starting your own IT business. To carve out your niche in IT, you need a little perseverance, time, and an optimized team. Always try to analyze every step and rely on statistics to make the right decision.