The Seven Most Helpful Sites Youíll Find


According to Netcraft, there were over 644 million websites in 2012. This number grew to be over 1.8 billion by January 2018. Clearly, there is a lot of content on the web to wade through, spread out across different categories like entertainment, recreation, and information. Finding something useful can be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. To save yourself some time, and still find web tools you can use, we have narrowed things down to a list of seven incredibly helpful websites.

Clever Layover

If you are a frequent traveler or someone who longs to see the world, being able to find the cheapest possible flights is key. Clever Layover is a brilliant site that you definitely need to bookmark. The simple search engine helps you save money by combining roundtrip tickets from non-partner airlines in a single trip.


Do you know the difference between disabling and deleting your social media accounts? Getting rid of your data forever is a lot harder than it sounds. In fact, many social media sites make getting rid of your information as difficult as possible, hoping that you may get frustrated and opt to leave your data with them. AccountKiller tells you exactly how to delete your social media accounts forever in detail.


Students of all ages can benefit from all that HomeworkMarket can offer. Here, students are matched with tutors who are skilled in the studentís area of need. From there, students can get personalized assistance regardless of their specific homework need from teachers who are qualified to do so.


How much of your life do you think you have spent on the hold waiting for customer service agents to get back to you? For most of us, it can feel like years. Lucy is a fantastic app that can save you hours, if not more, per year. All you need to do is tell the app what company you are trying to contact. If there is a wait time, Lucy stays in queue for you while you can do other, more important things with your life. When it is your turn to speak with customer service, the company calls you back, with a live voice on the other line.


Nobody likes missing an important line or plot point in a movie. At the same time, movies are getting longer and the drinks at the concession stand are getting larger. Never miss a key moment again by using RunPee. It tells you the best time to go during a movie, so you donít miss a single important moment.

Does the Dog Die?

Another movie-related app that can be a lifesaver, or at least an emotion saver. For many people, watching animals get killed or harmed in movies is really upsetting. At the same time, most of us prefer to avoid spoilers as much as we can. This is where Does the Dog Die come into play. Search for a movie, and the website tells you if any dogs or animals die, seem injured, or live. Not only can you get this very useful information, the website presents absolutely no spoilers, so you can still go in to the latest superhero flick fresh.

Two Foods

This is a huge time saver for anyone who is on a diet or has certain food restrictions. You can instantly compare two foods, finding out the calorie count, fat content, and other useful nutritional information. This information can then be used to choose which food is best for you given your dietary and nutritional needs.

Whether you need to get help with your homework, figure out which food is best for your diet, or determine how many boxes of Kleenex to bring with you to the latest Hollywood blockbuster, the internet has you covered.

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