The Rise of Internet Advertising

The Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report is a visually informative document that markets need to help guide their marketing efforts annually. With it, you’re able to understand all the ways the online landscape is changing. Currently, streaming services are overtaking cable television, and people are spending more time on social media than they do on TV. Meeker in her report predicts that internet advertising will surpass TV advertising in 2017. This shift is a first, with the spend coming in at $200 million.

Internet advertising rapidly went up in the past 20 years, the highest increase taking place about 2008. The growth has gone up three times faster than what it’s taken TV to achieve. This jump, though large, it is hardly surprising given that the average American spends an average of five hours watching television and 135 minutes on social sites. Google and Facebook hold the largest share of online advertising rates and outpacing traditional advertising channels.

Of the trends highlighted, mobile advertising is surpassing desktop advertising. That is the logical move for markets given that more people spend time on their phones than in the past. The time translates to about three hours a day. For marketers looking to attract more customers, consider making all online marketing collateral mobile phone friendly. A great example is Ties.com’s guide on how to tie a tie. They render the content quickly and allow for streamlined user scrolling. If your site or content takes too long to open, users will shift to a different page. Mobile advertising is relatively new, and not all marketers are on board with their efforts.

The downside of mobile advertising is users are more likely to block or report unsolicited ads. Smartphones are personal items, and internet users are not keen to have businesses reaching out to them in this regard. Should you consider making a move, ensure that you highly targeted ads to those you know are likely to convert into a lead.

The Internet Trends 2017 Reports Kleiner Perkins Caufield Astropak & Byers also show that Facebook and Pinterest have higher click and buy conversion rates than Google, with the number rising rapidly. The type of business one has dictates the approach that one is likely to take. Ads that allow users to purchase a product immediately make them more likely to buy something give it doesn’t require additional effort. Keep in mind when creating an ad that it ought to be high quality and one that enhances their user experience. You don’t want users blacklisting your site if you run a cell phone repair shop in Toronto but are marketing to a person living in New York.