The Pros and Cons of an MVHR System

heat exchanger

If you’re in the midst of building a new home, there’s no doubt that you’ve had a lot to think about, from big picture decisions like veneers and roofing to the interior issues of fixtures and fittings. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is your heating and ventilation system, which will affect the long-term heating costs and air quality of your home.

MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) systems are a popular choice for new builds, and if this is an option you’d like to explore, there are several pros and cons to consider.

Pro – Save Money on Heating Bills

One of the main reasons homeowners choose MVHR is the promise of reduced costs over time. A heat recovery system essentially recycles moist and stale air from wet areas in your home, recovering lost heat from the recycled air. This means that you get your money’s worth from your heating bills, as there’s less heat going to waste in the wet air of bathrooms and kitchens.

Con – Initial Set-Up Can Be Costly

The initial installation of heat recovery ventilation may seem pricey at first, with most domestic systems priced somewhere in the range of £2000-£7000, but by all accounts, this is an investment that is well worth it in the long run.  According to the Renewable Energy Hub, you can expect your MVHR to have paid for itself in reduced costs in about 5 years, and after that, you’ll continuously save on heating bills.

Pro – Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The energy we use to heat our water and homes as well as the heat used in industrial processes accounts for half of global energy usage and contributes 40% to all CO2 emissions. Only a small amount of the heating energy we use globally is renewable, but with an MVHR recycling lost heat in your home it’s easy to do your part for the environment at the benefit of your own wallet.

Con – Not All Heat Recovery Systems Are Created Equally

There are several types of heat recovery systems, and some are more efficient and reliable than others. The right kind of system for you will depend on your home, but a trusted heating and ventilation expert can help you decide which MVHR will meet your needs.

Pro – Improve Your Air Quality

Another reason for the popularity of heat recovery and ventilation systems is the dramatic impact on indoor air quality. You will undoubtedly want your newly built home to be well-insulated as another measure to retain heat, but well-insulated homes with poor ventilation are a recipe for damp, mould, and dust. With a good quality MVHR system working to recycle damp air and ventilate your home with fresh air, you can improve the air quality of your home and the health and wellbeing of everyone under your roof. All in all, choosing an MVHR system to heat and ventilate your new house will have long-term benefits for your finances and your family – and at the end of the day, a happy healthy home is all you could possibly want.