The problems of modern sex ed for adolescents and ways to solve them

Having sex is a natural human behaviour, based on the most primitive needs to satisfy. It makes people not only reproduce but also get pleasure out of this activity. At some point in their lives, everyone starts feeling sex drive and desires to be intimate with another person. However, to make love, you need some knowledge. So, how to find out everything about sex? This problem usually meets adolescents who have been reaching puberty. Itís a complicated and challenging process for most teenagers who have been struggling with their physical changes. Itís also a hard time when it comes to their mental development. All that happens to them during that time can have a crucial influence on their further adult lives. Therefore, decent sex education is so urgently required at schools since it still has some flaws and needs to be significantly improved.   

The Internet as a misleading source of information

One of the biggest problems of contemporary youth is undoubtedly the Internet. Young people are surrounded by a pervasive trend of being updated on most topics. Thatís why when they donít know something, they search for information online. In this way, they find out many interesting facts, such as how to make safe love, different types of sex positions, new ways to masturbate, etc. Unfortunately, not all the information found on the Internet is checked and reliable enough. Thus, relying only on this source may have disastrous consequences.

Furthermore, surfing the net,  teenagers may encounter a plethora of pornographic content, which is inevitable, but at the same time, ruinous. Why? Because watching exaggerated sexual intercourses between two actors has almost nothing in common with real life. What they only learn from such blue films is the objectification of a person and treating sex as another physical activity, comparable to jogging. Because of that, their act of love is usually totally deprived of any deep emotions. 

Therefore, if they want to depend only on the Internet as their source of information, they should try to compare the credibility of these facts on different websites. In case of any doubts, itís always advisable to ask a more experienced person about their opinion on a particular topic. And itís a great luck if the young adult has the experienced person around and they can communicate freely on topics like this.

Embarrassing lessons

Another obstacle met by youngsters is the way of acquiring knowledge. Although they are provided with sex education lessons at school, their form makes them usually embarrassed and unwilling to talk. 

Teachers responsible for sharing information with students are, in most cases, not qualified enough as they teach other subjects, and sex education is only another addition to their work schedule. These are generally biology teachers who come down the lessons to the explanation of such biological processes as a female oestrous cycle, or male voice change. These topics only skim the surface of the issue. Sex is about much more than the awareness of our bodies. 

To make matters worse, itís even sometimes heard that catechists teach this subject, which is unimaginable since theyíll always approach this topic from a religious perspective, and not scientific. In both cases, experts with comprehensive knowledge are demanded. 

No talks with parents

In many families, sex is still a taboo subject, and here lies the problem. Parents are ashamed of talking to their children about sex and issues connected with it. They perceive their offspring as innocent, not realising that they may have already started leading their sexual lives. What should be improved in this question is their behaviour change. Adults should become more open to adolescentsí needs, try to dispel their doubts, or initiate a conversation if necessary. However, it doesnít have to be a serious talk during which both sides feel confused. It should be rather a heart-to-heart talk to exchange their views and experiences. 

The change in the educational approach

While observing all these problems of modern sex education, thereís no doubt that it needs to be changed for the better. The most substantial thing is to modify the educational approach and hire more professionals at schools who will be in charge only of this particular subject. It should make students more willing to participate in such lessons where they could easily voice their opinions and spread their sexual knowledge. This subject is of utmost importance since all young people should know how to use different methods of contraception and protect themselves against sexually transmissible diseases and unwanted pregnancy. 

The quality of our sexual lives and satisfaction is dependent only on the level of knowledge we acquire as teenagers. The more we learn about, the more fulfilled weíll become. Hence, except for lessons at schools, sex education should be in the public interest as well. For example, public people should talk more on this topic to encourage youngsters to take care of their bodies, safety, and health while having sex.