The Power of Written Words

A nation of explorers and immigrants, the written letter has played a huge part in the history of the United States. However, recent word of the year contenders have included the hashtag symbol, acronyms like YOLO, and the crying with laughter emoji. In today’s fast paced tech world, flowing prose and carefully crafted sentences are in danger of dying out. Although instant messaging and social media have their uses, they lack the impact and power that a written letter can provide. If you really want to make an impact on someone, then consider taking time to put together a poem, essay, or letter.

Writing Things Down Requires Deeper Thought

When speaking to someone, either in person or on the phone, you likely say the first thing that comes into your head. If you didn’t, there would be long and uncomfortable pauses between everything you say. As a result, the words you utter may not be quite right. Sure, they get the message across, but do they accurately portray how you really feel?

Sitting down to write allows for a deeper level of thought, especially if you are sending this as a letter. If you opt to buy stamps from OnlineStamp, you’ll save time, allowing you to take extra care into what you’re putting into your envelope. It’s this extra level of care and effort that drive a more powerful impact.

Readers Take More In

If you are trying to convey a message, then you want the recipient to pay attention. Many people are listening to audiobooks and podcasts these days, which is a great way for busy people to take in information. This is because you can be doing other tasks simultaneously. However, this inevitably leads to the listener becoming distracted.

When a person reads a text, 10-15% of eye movements are rechecking what they’ve just read. This means that the reader is solidifying the knowledge and cementing it in their brain. In order to read your letter, they must remove all distractions and focus on the words before them. This means they process it more deeply and the message stays with them for longer. An instant message on a phone is unlikely to have this effect, though, as most people receive so many texts that they will tend to skim read them and then instantly forget what was written. Hand write something on paper and you won’t have this problem.

The written word is the simplest, yet most powerful form of communication. Unlike a song, there is no music to distract from the words; unlike the spoken word, it is easy to re-check what was said several times to cement it in your memory. When you rely solely on words, you cannot count on images, gestures, or intonations in the voice to convey meaning. Each word must stand on its own merit. This beautiful simplicity is what makes writing a letter the single most profound way to get your message across. So next time you want to say something meaningful, dust off your pen and seek out a piece of paper to practice the dying art of writing.

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