The Pandemic-Friendly Way of Utilizing Blood Draw Services


We Can Always Adapt

A couple of years ago no one would imagine that the world would live in lockdown for months. We used to think of our planet as a big community that becomes more and more accessible. However, last year all of our plans and ideas of our world changed. We saw that when we live a healthy life in a safe environment, we can achieve anything we want. We always have energy, strength, and strong will to take the most. But, when viruses are flying in the air, no one feels safe to go out and fly to reach their dreams and aspirations. We came to realize that our health should be treated as the Number 1 priority. For that reason, people have invented wonderful tactics to help you check your health status even if you can not visit your clinic or hospital. Yes, the healthcare system has succeeded in its endeavor to offer you an exceptional alternative.

Welcome, Home Blood Draw Services

The pandemic escalated the need to create a safe and reliable method to take blood samples, transport them to the lab and run the analysis. Regardless of the situation, doctors needed to run blood tests for millions of people to diagnose them with an illness, if any, and offer targeted treatment. That urged the specialists to think of other ways of getting the patient’s blood. They came up with the notion of setting up patient-phlebotomist meetings outside the medical institutions. Also called “house-calls”, they replaced on-site sessions and visits. Physicians asked their patients to get in touch with them and make an appointment for venipuncture (drawing blood from a vein). This will ensure that the phlebotomist can get wet (liquid) blood, take it to the laboratory personnel so that they can test it. The doctors will later notify the patients of the results and discuss with them treatment options remotely.

How to Use This Service?

The beauty of this service lies in its versatility and ease. On your end, you need to make sure to provide the medical institution with current and accurate personal information. That includes name, surname, phone number/contact information, address, and so on. Usually, you will be contacted directly so check twice before submitting your “face sheet”. On the other hand, your physician has to submit the names of the tests that need to be done, information about the alleged diagnosis, and her contact details. Keep in mind that the service can be fully covered by Medicare so check that too.

The Advantages of Home Blood Draw

This list can go on. We will just name the most important ones:

  1. More safety. You will avoid going to hospitals, labs, or clinics that can pose a risk to your health. The thing is that these venues are no longer considered 100% safe as visitors can bring the virus with them.
  2. More convenience. The home blood draw services allow you to make an appointment when it is suitable for you. Elderly, people who experience transportation issues or have disabilities can certainly take advantage of this opportunity.
  3. Less stress. Remember the good old days when you used to wait in an endless queue for your turn? Forget about that. By scheduling a house-call you do yourself a favor and avoid irritation caused by waiting rooms and lines.

You can learn more about this and make an appointment by visiting the website of the National Phlebotomy Provider Network. Do not postpone checking your health in these tumultuous times. Remember that your health supports you wherever you go and whatever you do. It’s time to take care of it too.