The Most Popular Online Blackjack Games

You will find a plethora of online games to play but this is possible if you choose a good online casino. Below, is a full description of some of the most popular Blackjack games.

Blackjack Switch

This is a very fair casino game and players are able to trade their cards between two hands. However, this can only be done without breaking the game’s rules. This is one of the most popular blackjack games and its rules are quite simple. For this trade to be done a player has to place two bets and they should be of equal size, and then they can switch the second card to their other hand. However, unlike other games in this one if the dealer lands on 22 there has to be a push against all the non-busted hands. Another unique feature of this casino game is that the blackjack pays more money. The best blackjack switch game is provided by Playtech.

Double Exposure Blackjack 

The main provider for this game is NetEnt. The main feature in Double Exposure is that the dealer always exposes their two cards. This always gives the player an advantage over the dealer. Just like in Blackjack switch the house edge in this game is usually restored by paying out double on natural blackjack wins.

Spanish 21 

This is a blackjack variant that has a low house edge. The reason is because the dealer stands on a soft 17 and the player can double again. At the end of the day this provides an amazing winning chance to the player. Spanish 21 uses a 48-card deck unlike other games that use a 21-card deck. The best provider for this game is Betsoft.

Progressive Blackjack 

As mentioned earlier, apart from the main casino welcome bonus blackjack players get to win other bonuses and enjoy promotions. Progressive Blackjack is one of the best online blackjack games that provide players a progressive jackpot. However, to play this Progressive Blackjack a player should have the right skills and they should have the correct strategy. In this game, a player should get a better hand than that of the dealer. Progressive blackjack pays more attention to the side bets especially the jackpot side bet. This bet pays out the value of the Aces dealt during the game


Another popular Blackjack variant and many players love indulging in it. Pontoon is an alternative to blackjack and it applies similar rules and the aim is beating the dealer. The best hand in this game is an Ace and a 10-value card. The main difference between pontoon and blackjack is that the dealer’s cards are face down hence making a bet on the outcome can be difficult. Some of the moves a player can make in the game are double after split and re-split

21 – Duel Blackjack 

It is casino game that has so many changes from the main Blackjack game. For instance, it begins with the dealer issuing the player with a single face-up card and another face-down card. The dealer then gives themselves 2 face-down cards. The player is given three options: they can choose to fold, hit or choose a card. With all these choices a player is given more advantage than in any other Blackjack variant and that is why the RTP is lower-at 98%

Blackjack Peek 

A type of Blackjack game that is popular because it helps a player avoid making extra bets on their hand. To play Blackjack Peek you need to be a risk-taker since the game play is short and risky. After the dealer deals all the cards, they check their hand and in case they have a blackjack the game ends immediately and the player loses. If the dealer does not have a blackjack the game continues. The rules of this game are helpful because if a player has already placed a bet, then they can choose to double or split their hand and they might end up winning. However, it can be frustrating to learn that the dealer has a blackjack and you end up losing your money

Perfect Blackjack 

It is one of the most interesting variants of Blackjack. The set of rules for this game are standard and they are not complicated unlike the rules in other games. For players who like taking risks there are various side bet options. However, the Blackjack strategy advises that these types of bets should be avoided but they are good since they spice up the game.

Single Deck Blackjack 

One of the best casino games to play when you would like to put your advanced blackjack strategy to the test. It follows the standard rules and it is played with a single deck of cards. This raises the ability of the player to choose the move based on what they have at hand and in result it lowers the house edge. For single deck blackjack the blackjack pays 3:2, and a player can double after splitting.