The Most Improved Betting App of 2020

Betting App

The transition to a mobile first world has not been easy for the old-established websites. This is particularly true for betting websites that were filled with flash content, popups, and multiple drop-down menus.

None of these design choices worked for a mobile environment and attempts to shoehorn an existing design to a mobile app were often disastrous. A prime example is that of one of the biggest betting websites in the world: Betway.

Betway started its mobile betting app journey with a very disappointing first release. There were missing features, stability issues, and multiple little annoyances that made the experience terrible for their loyal players.

Now, though, we have no hesitation in labeling their betting app as the most improved betting app of 2020.

How did Betway pull this off?

Well, for starters, Betway discarded its old app design and started completely from the ground up. The latest mobile programming language serves as the basis for the Btwat mobile app which makes it lightning-fast and compatible with all the major mobile operating systems.

The developers have also done a great job of finding bugs with the app and ensuring that there are no major hiccups during the rollout to the people. A regular update schedule keeps the Betway app humming along with any deficiencies dealt with before they become major issues.

No compromises

Betway also managed to put together an app that did not compromise the player experience in any manner whatsoever. Every single major feature found on the website can be found in the mobile app. The app also takes advantage of its mobile environment and makes improvements over the website.

The ability to slip in and out of betting markets almost instantaneously makes the mobile app a better option than even the website for some power users. The app is also available for every major mobile platform including iPhone and Android.

A few recent changes in the Google Play Store policies have meant that Android users need to head on over to the Betway website and directly download the app from their store. That is an added step and an inconvenience but nothing that is unique to Betway.

Every single gaming app has to go down that road.

New Mobile Website Design

This one is an added bonus but very useful for anyone that does not want to be caught with a gambling app on the phone. An intelligent and responsive new mobile website design means that most of the gaming features are available to players without the need to install any app at all.

Not all of the app features are available from the mobile website but enough to get the job done.

The work that Betway has put in its mobile gaming experience has made it a leader in the space and we have no doubt that its experience is one of the best that users can get anywhere right now.