The Most Important Characteristic of Great Bosses

But what about the things that make a difference, that inspire employees to work harder, dream more significant, and band together to drive a business to success? Again, it’s not difficult to offer up a few surface-level suggestions.

Here’s what some of the employees generally say when asked, “What’s the most significant characteristic of a great boss?”

1. Honesty

Without honesty, there’s no security. Without security, what do you have? Honest communication helps drive roadblocks, renders clear direction and enables employees to have enough confidence in their leader and the company. Integrity should be incorporated along with honesty, as those two qualities go hand-in-hand.

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2. Mentoring 

Managers attempt to engage employees who are already experienced in the elements of their positions. When a supervisor implements the coaching necessary for the successful execution of their roles, workers are far more competent, more willing to assist when necessary, and thoroughly identify and correct errors and problems than if they’re left to decide things on their own.

3. Motivating

A supervisor needs to be able to motivate teams to reach a productive outcome and stimulate individual employees. That implies they need to attend to what may interest their employees, efficiently identify and realize their forces and partner with them to find growth chances.

4. High Emotional Intelligence

In transitioning workplace, possessing a high EQ is the fundamental trait of a good boss. Bosses must distinguish between their personal beliefs and the thoughts and opinions of others and other generations. It is perfect for leading and motivating staff to manage and immediately ties into the psychology of aim attainment.

5. Trust

Employees want to trust their administrator to have their most significant professional interests at the core (of course, in combination with the company’s best interests). Likewise, bosses must hope their employees obtain the best choices they know how to create, ask questions when they are uncertain and have the company’s best pursuits at heart.

6. Willingness To Deliver Feedback

We are quiet when we see room for others to fear hurting someone’s feelings. However, bosses are generally in the best place to view and speak to these weaknesses. It’s always quiet that they share this information and share it as soon as they see it, so their employees have the opportunity to grow.

7. Ability To Inspire

A great boss is someone who encourages their employees to be their best selves. Therefore, they should be equipped to identify their employees’ best qualities and bring them out. Additionally, they should pinpoint growth opportunities, constructively share them and help develop an improvement plan.

8. Self-awareness

The most valuable skill a director can have today is self-awareness. It may seem easy, but just because someone has a title doesn’t indicate they intuitively know how to lead people. Leadership needs to understand that employees can be driven differently and that what primarily drives them might not drive others.

9. Willing To Learn 

We all have two sets of needs, practical and personal. The applicable requirements are ways to track the progress and agree on a level of performance, while we require to feel valued, committed and supported. Any administrator who understands this and takes care of every employee’s obligations will be fantastic.


Excellent leaders are compassionate when celebrating success or addressing trials. They know empathy is communicated verbally and non-verbally. They can sense the emotions going on throughout them. They realize that the demands on employees go beyond the organization. There is an awareness that every employee fulfils multiple functions inside and outside an institution.

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