The Millionaire and the community around Tom John Light

We often see Israelis in various parts of the world. While travelling abroad, people most frequently interact with Israeli travellers. Israelis have settled down around the globe and can be seen adopting cultures of different parts and settling in local communities prevailing all over. On a sporadic basis, we find any part of the world, where Israelis do not travel. There are chances that Israelis have assimilated into the local community and try to feel like home around the other Jews and Israelis already living in that country. Few of those Israelis can also be seen growing financially and have established their own business in some countries.

One such example is an Israeli millionaire Tom John Light, 32, who has immigrated to Bulgaria and is different from others. Tom owns a vast empire of online casinos in private jets, but at the same, he also manages to hold a firm root in the local community in Sofia, donating to a large orphanage in the city.

During our conversation with Tom, we shall throw light on some essential aspects of his life, discussed below:

On asking about his decision of moving to Bulgaria, this was the answer by Tom:

He first came to Bulgaria as he was offered a job as the Vice President of SBTech Worldwide, which is a huge company and a leader in producing technology and sports betting platforms and solutions. Tom, as the Vice President, brought several significant changes, such as the integration of blockchain technology in sports betting, so that the safety of cryptocurrencies will also serve the company’s customers.

After leaving SBTech in 2017, Tom set up his own company in Bulgaria for app development and gambling software, which currently provides employment to 150 people.

The next question was how he managed to get appointed to such a senior position?

To which, Tom John Light said that he already got into the business and became an entrepreneur at the early age of 19, and had moved to Los Angeles to specialize in a company called (InfoSearch Media (ISHM). This was an international Internet marketing company for a large number of extensive clients, such as eBay, Amazon and others.

His first big sale was a website named Answerbag, which Tom John created. The site was sold to Demand Media for $ 5 million and turned into, which is now a vast and commonly known site. It helps users to search and explains how to do almost all kinds of things by themselves at home through the methods provided.

Apart from being a master in business, one significant involvement of Tom John Light is into the community in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. As known to everyone, Tom is a very socially involved person. He holds a particular corner in his heart and great compassion for children belonging to any community in any part of the world, despite the political controversy on the subject.

Tom was previously also responsible for organizing donations and volunteering for kindergartens for asylum seekers in southern Tel Aviv, which clearly shows his interest in this field.

Tom understands he is fortunate enough in life to have been bestowed with all the luxuries and is much thankful for such an achievement. Realizing his responsibilities as a successful man and a millionaire towards the community, Tom was exposed to a considerable orphanage located in the city of Sofia, where he lends a helping hand for dozens of children.

Few of the donations by Tom John Light include electrical appliances, washing machines and other basic necessities, to make it a little more comfortable for the children to live in the orphanage.

Tom can be seen donating on several occasions, thus contributing his part in the community.

A very heart-melting example of Tom’s generosity is when he took dozens of kids from the orphanage to a mall and told them to get whatever they wanted, and Tom paid for all their purchases. It was winters, and all the children got some excellent winter stuff for themselves including coats, boots, sweaters, gloves and things that boosted their self-esteem, as they all were walking around the school like any other kid with pretty clothes.

His kindness does not end here, and another scenario where Tom won, everybody’s heart was at the beginning of a new school session. He purchased school supplies and stationeries such as school bags, books, and pencil cases for each and every child. Seeing every kid geared up with excellent personal stuff and happiness on their face made the efforts worth it.

To our surprise on engaging with the local community like the way Tom does, we came up with the question that, ‘Many Israelis live abroad, but usually, do not “mix” like that’.

To which Tom replied that in his opinion, Israelis involved in businesses abroad should mix with the local community and try to grasp their cultures.

Doing so can be beneficial to both the community and Israelis in a way that brings satisfaction to one’s soul and contributes to the feeling of belonging in the country. Besides, it also changes the point of view of the local people towards the Jews and Israelis living in various parts of the world, and it also makes them believe that Israelis are good people when comes to donating and contributing.

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