The Many Benefits of Tinted Windows: 3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Tinted Windows

If you’ve ever wondered why tinted windows are so popular, you’re probably not alone. In fact, not many people are aware of the benefits that tinted windows offer, no matter what purpose they serve.

For example, most people think that window tint only includes a thin plastic film applied to the window’s interior, but the fact is that some windows are electronically tinted and are often referred to as “smart glass” in the automotive industry.

But tinted windows aren’t only manufactured for the automotive industry. The fact is, tinted windows are used in homes and commercial buildings, and for a variety of other applications as well. And this is because of the many benefits that simply tinting a window can offer.

If you’re curious to know how a simple pane of darkened glass can benefit you, the following will illustrate a few things you may not know about tinted windows. 


People tend to avoid things that they cannot see. If you think about it like this, you’re more likely going to go for a swim in clear water rather than in a dark body of water where you can’t see anything around you.

And this is the main reason why tinted windows offer a greater level of security. Because most thieves will be deterred by darkened windows simply because they can’t see what’s lurking behind them–and they won’t be able to spot any items of value.

Tinted windows on cars and homes offer a greater level of protection for their owners. And many studies have shown that homes and cars with darkened windows are much less likely to be broken into.

So for a bit of added security, tinting your windows offers you a level of protection that standard windows are without.

Temperature Control

The sun, our life-giving star, is roughly 93 million miles away from earth. Yet this powerful sphere emits enough energy to completely alter the planet in so many ways.

Solar radiation can heat the earth to extreme degrees, warm rocks, and penetrate up to 1,000 meters into the ocean under the right conditions. Needless to say, it can also penetrate glass and heat an entire room with open windows on a clear day.

Homes and commercial spaces with tinted windows actually have a much lower energy cost than those with regular glass. And this is because the tint absorbs the heat and doesn’t allow the full amount of solar energy to penetrate the home, making tinted windows an investment that keeps on giving.

With tinted windows, blinds, and shades in position, you can easily reduce your energy costs while keeping your home or office space at a comfortable temperature, especially during the heat of the summer months.

Added Safety

Perhaps one of the more interesting facts about tinted windows is that they make our windows safer. And this is a fact that not many people know of.

For example, after a car accident, studies have shown that vehicles with tinted glass produced far fewer injuries from shattered windows and flying glass. And this is because the film helps to keep the glass from splintering and causing lacerations.

The same is true for home windows. In fact, tinted windows on commercial spaces and homes are harder to break, and this can also be a deterrent for thieves as well. But in any case, it also keeps individuals behind the windows safer from flying debris such as during severe storms and the like.

Glass can cut with little effort, and tinted glass offers a much greater level of protection than bare windows capable of splintering and shattering.

Whether you’re interested in greater UV protection, temperature control, or added security and safety, tinted windows are a great investment for any vehicle or homeowner, or for any business owner looking to add protection to an office environment. And the best part is, tinted windows aren’t that expensive at all!