The Main Features You Should Check When Buying A Portable Speaker

The Main Features You Should Check When Buying A Portable Speaker

Normally, speakers require the use of a cord to work. We plug in our phones or any other audio source, and then it booms out of the speakers for an immersive sound experience. With Bluetooth speakers, though, it removes the cable limitation and allows you to play from an audio source through short-wavelength radio waves.

That is the most basic concept behind Bluetooth. But why would you get Bluetooth speaker when a normal one would suffice? You can buy a UE Boom 2 at Harvey Norman and you would still wonder why you bought it in the first place when headphones give you an immersive enough sound experience.

Well, Bluetooth speakers are meant to be used when you want to share the immersive sound experience. Just imagine this for a bit: you are at the beach, and while the sun and sea are amazing, it is becoming quite dull. Only a few favourite tunes will break through the lackadaisical atmosphere, and your phone speaker is certainly not up for the job. So that is where Bluetooth speakers come into play. In short, Bluetooth speakers may not be an immediate need for you now, but it certainly might be.

And for this reason, in an age where sharing everything, from photos to the music we listen has become inculcated in society, Bluetooth speakers have become popular. So if you want to ship for the perfect Bluetooth speaker, here are some of the techniques you can use to pick the best one.

Size of the speaker

Portable Speaker

One of the things we look for in something that is portable is its dimensions. Bluetooth speakers come in many different sizes, and to be honest, the word “portable” is quite relative. There are portable devices out there that are reasonably large. So the first thing you need to do is to think about in which setting your Bluetooth speaker is going to be used. Your speakers may fall into one of two categories: the pocket-sized ones or the bulky ones. If you know where you are going to use it more often, let us say at home or at the beach, then you would know which size you should be getting.

However, when choosing one over the other, you will have to consider the speaker size as well. Most low-end, small Bluetooth speakers only have one concealed speaker which will deliver dull audio. Of course, this is not the case for other speakers, so you might want to test them before deciding on which one to purchase.

Battery power

Like all your other gadgets, portable Bluetooth speakers need to have constant power if you want to use it longer. For our smartphones, we have portable chargers we bring with us to make sure it lasts the whole day, but you might not be able to use it for Bluetooth speakers. For one thing, it takes a lot of power to charge a speaker, even if you only want a fraction of its full power. So the next thing you check is its battery size.

There are two ways to approach this, one is by checking the battery size relation to the power it needs to work. There are speakers that have a lower mAh battery but requires less power to run, so you might want to check that out. Or you can just check its capability to battery share where you can plug a cable into your speaker and share power with your mobile. Not all speakers have it, but most high-end speakers do.

The best way to know if the Bluetooth speaker you want to buy works well is by testing it out. Make sure all the specifications written on the box actually deliver. If you keep these main features in mind, you will not be overwhelmed by all the Bluetooth speakers available in the market.

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