The Leading Extensions On The Chrome Web Store

Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome Web Store offers many extensions that make you smarter and be more productive with a few clicks. Nobody can deny the fact that Chrome has gained an immense amount of popularity with time. Chrome had a 22.65% browser market in 2015, which increased to nearly 70% in 2020. Each of the extensions are unique, and here is a brief description of the leading ones. Check them out!

  1. Mailtrack for Gmail

The unlimited free email tracking software, email tracker, is one of the extensions. It helps you have a more accurate follow-up while tracking ‘when your email was read’, ‘the number of times your email has been opened’, and ‘the number of clicks made’, etc. It is a free email tracker on the Chrome Web Store that helps to track emails.

  1. Screencastify

This extension will help you to capture, share, and edit videos in a few seconds. Screencastify can also record the whole screen of your system, including webcam thumbnail. The free version of this extension can record a 10-minute long video. 

  1. Zoom Scheduler

The Zoom Scheduler is used to schedule a Zoom meeting based on Google Calendar, or else, you can also start a meeting instantly by clicking on a button. The meeting URL will help people to join the meeting through Google Calendar.  

  1. Netflix Party

It helps you start a show or a movie, and then you can watch the same show with your friends remotely. With this extension, you can watch the show together even when you are far away. 

  1. Google Hangouts

Through Google Hangouts, you can share photos, text messages, emoji, and call in groups for free. Around 150 people can be added to a chat group, and you can also message your friends even when they are not online.

  1. Later

In this extension, you can search and save photos from across the web for Instagram. From anywhere on the web, the images can be saved to media library, and that helps share social media content faster. 

  1. Additor

Additor is one of the most minimal highlighters that help bookmark articles, PDFs, YouTube videos, and everything. Not only that, but you can also organize and share the contents with Additor extension. 

  1. We Heart It

It is an extension through which you can be a part of an inspiring community, sharing their favorite photos. Through this extension, you can learn a lot of things about the image that has a heart. 

  1. Share to Classroom

This extension can help you save a lot of time by creating a more interactive classroom session. With the extension, you can get the students on the classroom session more quickly without wasting time. Also, creating assignments, posting announcements, saving webpages, everything can be done here.

Check what works for you

Apart from the ones mentioned here, many Google Chrome Extensions are available that you can download and use accordingly. Each of these Chrome extensions will provide amazing features, and it would be better if you read the introduction before downloading it. As a result, you can ensure that you are downloading the right one for your needs and experience optimum productivity!