The last guide you need to fix broken Quicktime movie

fix broken quicktime movie

MOV is a quite popular QuickTime movie format that was developed by Apple Inc and is primarily used in the QuickTime framework. Many people choose this format for their video files because it supports audio and text for subtitles as well, making it a handy format. Moreover, the files in this format are very easy to share and you don’t have to worry about the files getting damaged before reaching the receiver.

Despite all its uses, the MOV file format still has certain issues that can cause a problem. Like the MKV format, it is prone to getting corrupted. If you are facing a problem with them and looking for a MOV file repair solution read on. BTW, here’s how you can repair MKV files.

Before we get into how to repair MKV and MOV files, let us first take a look at what causes the problems in the MOV files so that we can prevent the files from getting corrupted:

1. Abrupt shutdown of the device

Most of the time, MOV files are damaged because the device is abruptly shut down during the read/write process. This sudden power-off damages the bit pattern of the file and when you try to play it after turning the device back on, you will be unable to do so due to the files getting corrupted.  You must be careful to keep a power backup with you whenever you are using these files to avoid such damage.

2. Disruption during file transfer

Having a strong internet connection while downloading or transferring MOV files is very important. An unstable internet connection will result in the files getting corrupted and you will be unable to play the files. Even when you transfer files over the internet, a weak connection could cause damage to the file and the receiver will have trouble playing it. Make sure that your internet connection is stable before indulging in the transfer of MOV files.

3. Corrupted external storage devices

Corruption of external storage devices can also lead to MOV files getting corrupted. If your storage device is infected with malware, your video files stored on it will get damaged and you won’t be able to play them. Improper ejection of external storage devices can also lead to the files getting damaged. If your video file is open on the device and you remove the external storage, the file may get corrupted. To keep your files safe, scan an external storage device for malware before storing your files on it, and follow the proper ejection process while ejecting the device.

4. Faulty conversion

You will face the need to convert MOV files to some other format many times. To convert the files, you will have to use third-party software. But if you use an unreliable software, your files won’t be converted properly and may end up getting damaged. Also, the device powering off during conversion or an abrupt cancellation of the conversion can cause damage to the files.

Some errors that are displayed when MOV files are damaged due to the above reasons are:

  • Quicktime Player can’t open .mov
  • Unable to reach end of file
  • The format is not supported

How to Repair MKV files and MOV files which are corrupted now

Losing important video files is never a pleasant experience. Many of us have a lot of important memories in the video files and many professionals have a lot of their content on these files. Thus, it is disheartening to see the files getting corrupted. Thankfully, the MOV files are not beyond repair and there are some ways in which you can fix MKV files, including using video repair software. Here we will see how to repair corrupt MOV files and MKV files easily.

Presently, there are many video repairing software present in the market that can help you fix MKV and MOV files easily. One such way of repairing mov files is using the software named WonderShare. It is one of the best video-repairing software at present and can help you fix damages caused by all the issues we’ve discussed above and many more. Use this tool today to repair .MOV file in no time.

Here are some other ways in which you can fix damaged MOV files:

VLC Media Player

If you are looking for a way of repairing .mov files, read on! VLC Media Player has an automated video repairing feature that can help you repair .mov file. However, it is not equipped to deal with more complex damage and can help fix only some minor corruption to the files. You will first need to convert your .MOV files to .AVI extension, but you don’t need a third-party software for that as VLC can do the conversion. This is a free method and will help you save your time.

Replicate the MOV file

Replicating the file is another quick and easy fix for damaged MOV files. Use a third-party conversion software to convert .mov files into other formats like .MKV or .AVI. You can try to play the files in other formats to see if they are working. You must ensure that the conversion software you are using is reliable otherwise your file will bear further damage and you might lose the file forever.

Use an advanced MKV repair tool

The most foolproof way of fixing your damaged MOV files is to use video repairing software. Using a reliable software like Wondershare will help you in fixing and restoring the file completely. Make sure that you use a reliable MKV repair tool to get the best results.

It’s better that you take precautions beforehand to protect your files from getting corrupted. Follow these simple steps like ensuring that your device is free of malware and having a power backup can help you save the trouble of fixing corrupted MOV files.