The Impact of Technologies on the Online Gambling Industry

The last few years have seen improvements to the online gambling industry that changed for better our experience with them. But besides making gambling possible outside of land-based casinos, some new technology upgrades go further and change the face of online gambling in New Zealand and around the world.

Whether you want to gamble for hours straight in an absorbing casino simulation via cutting-edge tech or simply play online roulette casino games with more convenience, the future looks bright, so there’s reason to be optimistic. Let’s have a look at some of the best technological innovations that make the future of online gambling look nothing short of exciting.

Technical Aspects

Online casino games have never looked so good. Advancements in graphics have ensured stunning visuals that don’t disappoint with correspondingly immersive sound effects. Because of that, even when you play apparently basic slots games you will find yourself impressed by how sharp they look and how compelling an atmosphere they create.


Mobile Devices

Even though it may initially seem like nothing but a more practical version of online gambling, mobile gambling deserves special attention. Playing casino games on the go is significant because it changes how we interact with the genre itself; instead of waiting for a several-hour-long gambling marathon at home, we can now bet and try our luck while commuting or during lunch break at work. Roulette has never been so convenient. Additionally, the practicality makes it easier for newcomers to join and casual gamblers to try their luck more often.

Cloud Gaming

Streaming games the same way you stream series and films is now a reality. The concept is quite simple: instead of putting the burden of processing games on the user’s hardware, the cloud server bears it and allows people to play games as long as they have a stable internet connection. That translates into extensive game libraries that can be immediately enjoyed without depending on the extra software, plugins or advanced hardware for demanding games.

VR Casinos

Practicality is not the only reason for us to be optimistic about the future. What if you could be transported to a Vegas-like casino without leaving your couch? That’s what VR technology allows gamblers to experience since the premise of virtual reality (VR for short) is to generate an immersive atmosphere that is the closest one can get to the real one. They are already a reality and likely to become increasingly popular as the technology advances.

While it’s true VR might not add value to some other game genres, it can find a home in online gambling due to its absorbing nature. The feel of enjoying—and in the future making money from—roulette without sinking extra money into a trip to an actual casino, for instance, would be greatly appreciated by gamblers. Add environment details to contribute to the sensation of being in a real casino and the possibility to interact with other gamblers and you have the perfect formula for absolute enjoyment.

An unfortunate drawback VR currently faces is that some users might experience nausea after longer periods of immersion, but given the technology’s soaring demand we can expect such issues to be solved and VR casinos to thrive.

Augmented Reality Casinos

You will probably remember AR from Pokemón Go—and how people were crossing the streets with eyes riveted on their phone. But besides a monster hunt fad from some years ago, it has great potential to be explored in other genres; gambling is no exception.

By overlaying real-world objects with visual information, AR allows players to blend real and virtual for an enhanced experience. Playing poker with friends sitting across from you at the kitchen table could now be a memorable moment with this addition. The advantage of this over VR is that one doesn’t need special glasses to interact with the game; AR-ready devices will do.

There is a reason to be optimistic about the future of online gambling. By adding convenience and enhancing the experience, each innovation can add value and attract newcomers. While it’s hard to predict how these advances will be put to use, one thing is for certain: a large number of gaming innovations can truly up to the ante in the online gambling industry and help us to experience in new places and new ways.

Image Credits: Gambling Industry from designer491/Shutterstock

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