The Growing Craze for Online Ludo Game

Online Ludo Game

We all have played Ludo when we were kids, and the memories are evergreen. The whole idea behind the Ludo board game is to bring friends and family together for a fun evening. However, with technology taking over everything, Ludo also lost its place; until a few years back when developers decided to bring back the lost nostalgia for everyone. Online Ludo Game became a huge success and gained back the popularity for Ludo.

Why Is Ludo Game Becoming A Craze?

There are several online Ludo games, and a lot of them are doing great. You must be wondering how? Ludo has been and still is close to people’s hearts. The whole nostalgia angle is one of the reasons for the growing craze for online Ludo games. We have listed down a few more reasons that majorly contribute to the increasing popularity of online Ludo games.

Cultural importance

Ludo is not at all new for India. Indians have grown up playing this game with friends or family members. Ludo needs no introduction, especially in South Asia, where the offline versions are known for centuries. This board game has historical, traditional and nostalgic importance in our lives, which contributes immensely to the popularity of online Ludo.

Popular across age-groups

Online gaming has one advantage over all the other games, and that is, anyone irrespective of their age can play and have fun. In India, many people see Ludo as a game that calls for community togetherness. It is played by individuals of all age groups. Be it a group of adults in a train, or kids around your neighbourhood; everyone enjoys the game equally. Online Ludo games are easy to play, accessible and accepted culturally across age-groups.

Play anytime, anywhere

The main advantage of online gaming is that you can play it anytime anywhere. Online Ludo is available all the time and the best part is that you can play it alone or with your friends, colleagues and cousins.

Availability of Internet

Mobile internet had been a challenge until Reliance Jio came up with affordable mobile data plans for people who couldn’t afford high-speed internet earlier. Easy availability and affordability is another contributing factor to the ever-increasing craze for online Ludo. 

Graphics and interface

Apart from being fun and accessible, online Ludo games also require an attention-holding user interface. If the graphics and the interface do not engage the players, the aim of the game gets lost. With so many online Ludo games available right now, one of the common connecting points between all of them is quirky graphics and interface.

Earn online

Besides fun and nostalgia, earning money online is another reason for the increasing craze for online Ludo games. You can start your online Ludo journey on MPL app, India’s Largest Gaming App. If you can win a few extra bucks while playing, then why wait? Download the MPL app now.

India is one of the biggest markets for all app downloads, and therefore, online Ludo has also been a great hit in the country. Ludo is a game connected to India in various ways, and people are enjoying the fact that it is now available online. The fun and nostalgia attached to it will make the game stay forever.