The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly in Bitcoin Games

Putting Bitcoin on keyboard

Over the years, weíve seen Bitcoin grow exponentially. While there was once a time when people would easily dismiss the popular cryptocurrency as just a fad, itís proven that itís a powerhouse in its own right. One of the main reasons for Bitcoinís rise is undoubtedly its profit potential. Of course, thatís not the only one! Bitcoin has expanded beyond just being a means to make some money, and one recent trend is proof of that Ė Bitcoin games! If youíre interested in giving this fun new Bitcoin phenomenon a shot, hereís what you should know beforehand.

The Good

Bitcoin games are without a doubt one of the most interesting trends to pop up on the Bitcoin scene. While they have a lot to offer, the best thing about them is their immense entertainment value! Bitcoin games come in many different forms and cover a range of genres, so itís safe to say that thereís something out there for everyone. Whatís better, most of them are inspired by fan-favorite arcade titles from the 80s and 90s eras, which gives them a tinge of nostalgia that video game fans canít help but love!

The variety in Bitcoin games plays a big part in their success, and weíre not just talking about genres. Sure, Bitcoin games might cover everything from horror to trivia, but what gives them an edge is their multi-platform access! Users can play these games on PC through a browser or access them from mobile devices by direct download! With all that said, the cherry on top of everything good about Bitcoin games is the Bitcoin rewards that users can win if theyíre good players.

The Bad

While Bitcoin games reward players with Bitcoin for doing well, theyíre not exactly the best option if youíre playing them for the profits. If what youíre after is a laidback way to earn Bitcoin, automated trading software like The News Spy is a better alternative. These apps make Bitcoin trading accessible to anyone thanks to the advanced AI tech they use. By scouring the market for the latest news on everything crypto, the AI algorithms make predictions for which investments are the best choices, and take them automatically!

In comparison, Bitcoin games can turn out to be more trouble if youíre not a fan of them but still want to earn a couple of coins. The Bitcoin sums these games hand out to users are very small, so if you’re looking to get a decent amount, youíll need to invest a lot of time into playing them. Of course, this can be a bad thing if the gameplay isnít to your liking. Unfortunately, plenty of people make this mistake, and while Bitcoin games are surely entertaining, they can get a bit repetitive after a while.

The Ugly

Ugly might be a strong word to use in this section, but we donít doubt that youíll agree with us once you see what itís about. Bitcoin games have a lot to offer, but that comes with a price. Since these games are free-to-play, the websites that host them make income through ads. Essentially, this isnít a bad thing. The ads displayed on these host sites are what give them the chance to hand out Bitcoin rewards, but theyíre also one of the biggest reasons why so many people stay away from Bitcoin games!

Unlike your typical internet ads, ads on Bitcoin games pop up more frequently, they last longer, and sometimes they canít be skipped or closed at all! All of this can be very disruptive to the gameplay and make you lose focus. The content of the ads is often even worse than their obtrusiveness. While we donít expect high-quality commercials on the internet, these ads are often insanely ridiculous in the worst way. If you happen to be playing these games with someone else in the room, you might want to mute your device and hide the screen from plain sight.