The Exclusive Features Of Uniconverter: The Best Online Video Converter

There are various forms of entertainment available on the online platform, and videos are one of them. The online platform is filled with so many websites that provide the services of video sharing. However, on certain occasions, some videos cannot be played on the online platform, for which it becomes difficult for many individuals. To solve the issue once and for all, theonline video converter software will be of great help. This is because no matter how big the size is of the video, it can be downloaded in the form of Mp4. If you are interested to know more about the Uniconverter allow this document to provide you with correct information.

The features of the Uniconverter

The Uniconverter is a unique video converter that is pretty different from the other video converters available online. It provides outstanding performance when individuals wish to convert a video into their desired format. There are some important features that this video converter has in store, and they are mentioned below. 

1.     Video editor:

The video editor enables individuals to edit all types of videos to their heart’s content. Uniconverter provides its video editing feature that can work on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and many other social media platforms. They are three simple and easy steps that will help in editing a video. First, you need to add the video of your choice into the online editor just by simply dragging it. Second, the video editor will give you the chance to trim, crop, rotate, adjust, flip and mirror the video. 

Third, once you are done with the first two steps, it is time for you to select a format for the output resolutions. You can keep the source the same as before or change it to 1080p, 720p, 480p,360p, and 240p. The Uniconverter is a pretty secure HTTPS website, none of your videos or information will be released, as the uploaded files are automatically deleted by the website itself. So, there is no need to worry thinking your uploaded videos might end up in the wrong hands.

2.     Audio converter:

This feature is one of the most popular among all the features of the Uniconverter. When you have a video of a song or a recording, which you wish to turn into an Mp3, the Uniconverter will make it happen. The process of doing so is easy and simple, and all you need to do is drag and drop your desired video into the audio converter. You can take any type of video from various social media platforms, which includes YouTube as well. It will take around a few seconds and once the file is ready, you can download it with no issues. No matter how big the size of the video is, you can convert it into an Mp3 comfortably.

3.     Video compressor:

Video compressing will enable you to compress any type of video for free from the Uniconverter website. It will allow you to compress your desired video into formats like Mp4, WMV, MKV, FLV, MOV and many more. Once you had the specific video you wish to compress, go through output settings and press on the compress button. Once the video is compressed you can download it or save it in your Dropbox. Choosing the online video compressor it will help to you save a good deal of time. 

This is because you need to download the software as you will do so through the website itself. One of the best things, about the video compressor of Uniconverter, is that it supports all types of output resolution. This will make it easier for you to receive a compressed video according to your desired resolution. The compressed video comes with no watermark, and you can shrink the video one at a time without worrying about the quantity limit or the size.

4.     Audio compressor:

The Uniconverter allows you to compress any type of audio file on their website, without worrying about quantity loss. The process is simple and similar to how you compress a video, but all you need to do is choose an audio quality before compressing the audio file. Once the compressing process is complete, you can have it downloaded either into your device or Dropbox. 

The online audio compressor gives you the benefit of compressing your audio file from platforms like Mac, Windows, and Linux systems. You need not download or install the audio compressor, for which you can just get your desired audio compressed in no time. The website is tightly secured and there is no chance of leaking your data or information. The Uniconverter is designed to automatically delete all the provided information within a few hours.

Final words to share!

With the information mentioned above, you will have a clear image of how well the popular video converter online works and the features it carries. The website is licensed and certified under the law to carry out its activities on the online platform.