The Easiest Way to Convert Mp4 to Mov


One of the widely used video file formats is MP4 in this digital era and supported by almost every digital device in the world. However, some can face problems while using MP4 files and thus the best solution is the convert the file format from MP4 to MOV. 

Basis of differences.mp4.mov
Category Video file Video file
SummaryThese are multimedia files and it stores video, audio as well as subtitle data too. This is widely used in Apple as well as the Quicktimevideo clip. It was developed by Apple. 
MIME-typeAudio/mpegvideo/quicktime video/x-quicktime image/mov audio/aiff video/avi audio/x-wav audio/x-midi
DeveloperMoving Picture Experts GroupApple

A Variety of software is available to convert MP4 to MOVbut the main thing is to pick up the best one. So, you need to keep in mind what things you need to be includedin perfect software.

Things you need to consider while choosing the right conversion software

Here are some main things that you should need to consider while choosing the video converter software. Let s have a look at these below. 

  1. Several file formats:The software has a list of file formats as available and you can choose the suitable format that fits best for the video. But if it has limited file formats, then it is the total waste of time and you can find another one that offers a wide range of formats. 
  2. Is it high speed without losing the video quality? :Make sure that the software is of high speed and convert the video within a few minutes. When converting a video from one format to another, then never compromise with the video quality.It is also important to know whether the quality of the video is decreasing or increasing but the main part is that it should maintain the quality of the video as it is in the beginning. 
  3. Other additional features: The software should provide some extra features such as applying effects, adding filters, adding subtitles, recording video tutorials, and so on. Moreover, it provides other features to customize the video in a manner that you want. 

By considering the above-mentioned key points, we have finalized WonderShare UniConverter that is the ideal softwareto convert the MP4 to MOV without losing quality and at high speed. 

Step by step guide to convert to MP4 to MOV on Windows or MAC with the help of WonderShareUniConverter

Here are some steps to convert the MP4 to MOVformat on your personal computer or Mac. Let us have a look at these below.

  • Step 1: Download and install WonderShareUniConverter

Download, install, and login into the WonderShareUniconverter with the help of your ID and password.

  • Step 2: Import MP4 Files to best MP4 to MOV Converter 

To begin with, click the “Add Files” button on the “Convert” tab and choosing the MP4 videos that you want to convert into MOV. It enables you to add multiple files by holding the control button as you wish for videos in batch.

  • Step 3: Choose MOV as output format

Tap on drop-down menu and tap on “Convert all files to”option and find the MOV format from the various file formats as available and check resolution form the category of video. 

Moreover, you can also be editing the video by tapping editing icons under the video thumbnail. It includes cutting, adding subtitles, applying effects, rotating outputs, and add a watermark if you want. Once applied on video, and thenclick the “ok” button to confirm. But the step is optional.

  • Step 4: Convert All

At last, tap on Convert All button to convert all videos from MP4 to MOV. This will finish the conversion process as fast as possible. You can find the converted files in the converted tab. 

Final words

The software work amazingly and with high speed to convert MP4 to MOV video formats. Steps to add files and get the converted file on the device are simple and easy to follow. WonderShareUniConverteris helpful to edit video, add effects, and also add subtitles as well as watermarks to customize the video in any manner as people want.

To know more tips and tricks, you can visit the official website of Wondershare.