The Dos and Don’ts of Online Speed Dating

Online Speed Dating

With the popularization of the concept of online dating, more people are now going through different dating apps and websites to find true love. Many dating agencies and matchmakers have opted to move online ever since social distancing started. Because of this, several video-dating applications like Filter Off have seen significant surges in its speed dating sessions.

Another reason for the sudden rise in popularity of online speed datingis thanks to Bumble’s collaborating with Buzzfeed that set up individuals that never met each other on live-streamed first dates, resulting in over a 1000% increase in online events revolving ‘speed dating.’

Although Zoom isn’t necessarily a ‘video-dating’ app, many people are now flocking to the app to find their one true love. To help you increase your chances of a scoring date, here are the dos and don’ts in Zoom speed dating.


If you want to ace the Zoom speed dating experience and get a potential date, here are the things that you must do:

  • Do Book in Advance

It’s best to book a slot near your location and age range to increase your chances of scoring a Zoom date. Although you’re doing the speed dating remotely, you need to connect with individuals close to your area to find a match that you can meet up with quickly in the future. Zoom speed dating can also serve as an excellent screening tool, allowing you to determine if a person is trustworthy enough to meet in person over time, protecting you and your time.

  • Do Listen and Follow the Host’s Instructions

Even if you’ve done speed dating before, the rules of online Zoom speed dating feature different practicalities. To avoid embarrassing yourself or getting kicked out by the host, ensure you listen and follow what the host says. Doing this will help you not miss a beat and converse with potential partners without getting on the host’s bad side.

  • Do Set up Your Frame

Before entering the Zoom speed dating room, ensure that your device’s camera displays what you want the other parties to see. You can improve your chances of scoring a date by making your frame look presentable by turning on enough lights and getting rid of any junk in the background. It’s also best to test your mic and camera before starting to ensure you have everything set, avoiding awkward technical difficulties during the speed dating session.

  • Do Interact

Although it can be hard for some people to answer when bombarded with question after question, it’s best to interact with the person as much as you can. Doing this can help you make connections with others with ease, and may even grab a potential date in the process.


If you don’t want to mess up your first Zoom speed dating session, here are some things you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t Be Late

Although everyone’s joining from the comfort of their homes or any remote location, the host will not usually wait for you, and with no travel to consider, you shouldn’t have any excuses for being late.

  • Don’t Force Interaction

Although interacting with potential dates is an excellent way of grabbing their attention and leaving your mark in their minds, never push them for personal information or ask them if they will mark you down as a match. Zoom speed dating sessions feature a system or a host for a reason, and deviating it can drive potential dates away. Keep these dos and don’ts in mind the next time you attend an online speed dating session to increase your chances of getting a match.