The Different Types Of Gun Mounts

Gun Mounts

Whether you own a firearm for your personal protection, sports, hunting, or job, learning gun safety practices is critical. It ensures you donít put people around you at risk of getting shot or accidentally hurt yourself.

If you own many guns, you may need to build or install a firearm storage unit. Itíll safeguard the weapon when not in use or while in transit. For instance, you can build a gun wall mount as a storage solution for your rifles and a smaller safe locker for your ammunition. You can put access control measures such as intelligent locks to prohibit unauthorized handlers from touching your firearms. This system separates the gun and ammunition to enhance the safety and aesthetics of your gun collection.

Here are the different gun mounts you can consider for your firearm storage.

Hunting rifle hanging on a wall with deer foot gun rack

1. Wall Mounts

Gun wall mounts are traditional ways to display firearms at home or gun shops. It entails wall brackets and locks to hold the guns on display. Itís a storage tactic if you have limited space in your house and want easy access when needed.

However, there are no specific brackets or racks for gun wall mounts. You must consider your gunsí caliber and sizes to determine what to use.

You can design a wall mount for your firearms if you have the technical know-how. If not, consult a gun shop near you to assist with your project.

This type of wall mount only helps with the display but not the safety. So, you must reinforce your gun safety practices to avoid firearm accidents

2. Cabinet Mounts

Cabinet mounts are an alternative solution to wall mounts. It involves building a cabinet around wall mounts to reinforce the safety of your firearms.

Cabinet wall mounts can be locked. And you can add tint or completely seal the guns and ammunition storage to keep them out of sight.

You can decide what material to use when building cabinet mounts. For instance, you can use wood, metal, and glass to display your firearms. You can also paint the cabinet to conceal your guns.

3. Bedside Mounts

Bedside mounts are for quick access whenever you need to use your gun at night. The primary reason for such a gun mount is convenience during an emergency that needs gun power.

It requires you to modify the frame of your bed and ensure that your firearm fits in the slot created. Youíre not required to mount your gun on your bedframe. You can place it behind a nightstand or under a drawer in your room.

4. Vehicle Mounts

Vehicle mounts vary from the size or caliber of your firearm and the need to transport a gun. For military defense, such firearm mounts are specifically for war. Law enforcers, such as the police, have designs to fit the vehicles used for patrols or emergency response. Private or licensed firearm holders can also modify their cars to carry guns.

The following are examples of racks that can be used for your gun mount:

Roll Bar Racks: A roll bar mount can be the best to protect your firearm while in transit. It holds the gun on the roof of your vehicle as you cruise on the road. You can consult a fabricator to place a roll bar in your car.

Overhead Racks: You can mount an overhead gun rack. Itís similar to placing a gun on an anti-roll bar. It offers quick access to your firearm if you need it.

Screen Racks: Screen mounts are for vehicles with screens to separate the front and the back seats. Itís a standard fixture in police vehicles with criminals in the rear seats.

Trunk Racks: Whether youíre a law enforcer or a gun enthusiast, a trunk gun mount may be the safest consideration for your vehicle. It protects you and those who use your vehicle from gun accidents when the car is in motion. You can place a rack in the trunk and safely hook your firearm. Its safety aspect demands that you open the trunk to remove the gun you attached to a stand.  

5. Free Standing Mounts

Free-standing mounts are racks for displaying guns in shops or during functions, such as a shooting range competition. They can be locked, so only authorized users have access.

Depending on the firearms you want to place on the frame, it can consume space in your home. Ensure you consult a fabricator to get the correct measurements of your guns before buying one.  


Gun mounts vary depending on the size of your firearms, space in your house or vehicle, and the need to conceal your arsenal. You can modify your furniture to fit your guns for convenience. Decide whether or not to keep your ammunition in a separate locker to eliminate gun accidents. Itís crucial to decide on a suitable mount or rack that can enforce gun safety.