The Brief Guide That Makes Choosing a Bridal Bouquet Simple

Bridal Bouquet Simple

The average bridal bouquet costs around $250. When choosing wedding flowers, it’s important to consider what will go best with your color scheme and overall theme. 

Choosing the best florist is vital. The flowers can make or break a wedding. And when investing a few hundred dollars, it’s ok to be picky in who you choose. 

But how do you pick your wedding bouquet? Keep reading for tips on how to choose a bridal bouquet. 

How To Choose Your Bridal Bouquet 

With 65 extremely popular types of wedding flowers, it’s hard to pick which you want for your wedding. But don’t worry! Choosing your bridal bouquet can be simple with the following steps. 

  • Set your budget
  • Browse styles and types of flowers
  • Find a florist

Seems simple enough, but with so many choices, it can quickly get overwhelming! 

1. Set A Budget And Stick to It 

The first step is to set your budget. Your flower expenses quickly add up when picking flowers for bridesmaids, tables, the groom, etc. So, it’s important you set a portion of the overall budget specifically for the bridal bouquet. And don’t waiver. 

2. Browse Styles To Get Inspired

Now that you know how much you’re going to spend, you get to choose what you want. Pinterest, wedding sites, and magazines are all great sources to peruse flower designs. You can choose a common style or get with a florist that can create exactly what you want. 

Incorporate Your Color Scheme 

Be sure to pick flowers that match your color scheme! You do not want to have flowers that clash with the overall look and feel of the wedding. 

Decide On Shape And Stems 

Flowers can be shaped in almost any design. Some brides drape their flowers while others hold a simple bouquet in their hands. This is an important part of choosing a style. 

The stems of the bouquet can be trimmed or tied together with a bow. Some bouquets are wrapped in ribbon. You should consider what you want for your wedding bouquet. 

Consider What’s In Season 

Most florists can get any flower during any season. However, the flowers are more robust and affordable when in season. It’s also important to consider what season the wedding is held. 

For example, you don’t want to choose a flower that can’t withstand the heat if the wedding is outside in July. 

3. Find A Florist 

Now that you know what you want and how much to spend, you get to pick a florist! Check out 800florals for lots of beautiful flowers. 

Learn More About The Floral Industry 

If you are ready to get your bridal bouquet, go forth and choose one! If not, maybe you should take a little time to review more about the industry and find your ideal florist. 

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