The Biggest Jackpot Winners: What Do They Do with the Money?


What would you do if you won the big jackpot? Would you donate the money to charity or buy that dream home youíve always wanted? Are you into grand gestures or do you consider yourself more of a conservative spender?

Whatever the case is, one thing is for certain; winning the jackpot can certainly open up a world of new possibilities to you.

For some people, gambling has definitely paid off. Keep reading this article as we detail what some of the biggest jackpot winners did with their winnings.

Build a Water Park

What better way to spend your huge earnings wisely than to build a water park? After all, they do say ďgo big or go homeĒ right? Thatís clearly a motto a 33-year old man from Louisiana lives by. After winning $319 million in 2011, the young man decided to donate $200,000 towards the construction of a water park in Green Island, New York.

This gesture was largely in honour of his late parents.

Create a Trust Fund

For some people creating generational wealth is their idea of spending their jackpot winnings. An 81- year old lady from Rhode Island decided to open a trust fund for each of her grandchildren. This was after winning a $336 million jackpot.

Support a Cause

To certain individuals, investing in assets isnít their idea of the best way to spend their winnings. Take the 43-year old man from Calgary who decided to invest the money in a cause thatís close to his heart.

After becoming $25 million richer, this man decided to direct $1 million towards an annual event that supports the legalisation of marijuana. This was after learning about the various medicinal benefits marijuana has on peoplesí health.

But he didnít stop there. Though he won the money, he didnít quit his job as a construction worker. Rather, he kept working and donated all his wages to a food bank.

Travel the World

If youíve always wanted to travel the world, but never seem to have the means, winning a grand jackpot certainly changes things, right?

After bagging $6 million dollars in jackpot winnings, a 48-year old man from New Jersey decided to travel the world. He started off by treating his 13 family members to a luxury vacation in Florida.

Create a TV Show

What better way to realize your childhood dream by using the winnings from a grand jackpot? All hopes of owning his new TV were not in vain after this 39-year old man from Canada won $35 million.

With his newly found wealth, he created a reality show. Although the show only lasted one season, at least he scrapped that off his bucket list, right?

Buy a Home

A 42-year old man from South Carolina surprised his wife with her dream home after winning a $180 million jackpot. Itís not every day that you get the financial means to purchase your dream house. And this man managed to do exactly that after his amazing win.

Aside from the house, he had always wanted a Porscheóso he bought himself one. He invested the balance in the stock market for future use. Itís safe to say that he is pretty much set for life.

Plastic Surgery

Sometimes the money from your jackpot win can help you win your self-esteem back too. A 29-year old woman from Virginia decided to have the breast augmentation sheíd always wanted.

After years of feeling self-conscious about her image, she decided to utilize part of her winnings to get her breasts done.

But she was left with a little extra to spoil her parents and the rest of her family members.

Gamble Some More?

Unfortunately, not all stories have a happy ending. After winning $5.4 million, a 48-year old lady from Manchester decided to push her luck by investing her money back in the tables and slot machines.

Sadly, her lucky streak was short-lived as she lost all her winnings and currently resides in a trailer park. Ouch!

Final Words

Are you feeling lucky? Visit any one of the best online casinos Canada has to offer. Who knows? You might wind up being one of the biggest jackpot winners and youíll be featured in our next article!

Just be sure to spend your money wisely. Invest in property since it appreciates in value. Keep some money aside for a rainy day and donít blow it all at once. You really never know what the future holds.