The biggest bingo prizes ever won


By our estimations there are over three million bingo players in the UK alone in the year 2020, which means that there are tens of millions of bingo players around the world. Now, that is a huge amount of people, and it means that the revenue being brought in by the bingo gambling industry is absolutely massive. 

This is fantastic news for us, because it means that bingo jackpots have progressively increased over the last few decades, something that has made a large variety of people a lot richer. Bingo probably isn’t the game you would think of first when pining after a large jackpot, however, as you will see in this article, it has made lots of people unbelievably rich. Read ahead for an exploration into the biggest and the best online bingo prizes ever won. 

Lisa Potter 

Online bingo is often the perfect remedy for midweek boredom, and it also carries the chance to win a lovely amount of cash with it too. This is something that one Lisa Potter will be especially keen to stress, especially seeing as she once won an outrageous jackpot of £1.3 million on a random midweek game of bingo. 

And there is more to it than that, because Lisa Potter only wagered a fiver! Can you imagine her shock when it transpired that she had won more than a million pounds? That is a truly life changing amount, and it is all down to online bingo. I 

Soraya Lowell 

Soraya Lowell is another online bingo player that got incredibly lucky on a wager and ended up taking home more money than she has ever earned in her life. The year is 2008, and Soraya Lowell is working as a house cleaner to support herself and family. She decided to take a punt in the UK National Bingo Game and ended up winning £1.1 million! 

In a testimony to her niceness as a person she also decided to split her winnings with her long term bingo partner in crime Agnes O’Neil. 

John Orchard 

For a long time John Orchard led a relatively normal life, working in a Lincolnshire factory whilst also helping out at his local job centre. One day in 2012 he decided to have a go at playing bingo, wagering 30p on a game. What happened next is absolutely tremendous, as John Orchard ended up winning £5.9 million! The largest bingo prize ever to be won at this point. 

To say Mr Orchard was shocked is an understatement, as this is a life changing sum of cash. He treated his family to many treats, as well as setting up his grandchildren for their lives. 


Before John Orchard won that insane amount of cash a Greek man named Georgios was the world’s largest bingo winner, with an accumulated total of $6.9 million from playing bingo in 2009. Not too much else is known about the mysterious Georgios, as he chose to remain as anonymous as possible.