The Best Prank Calling Apps of 2020

Prank Calling Apps

Fake Me A Call

This fantastic prank dial app lets you create any prank scenario to fool your friends after scheduling and receiving a fake incoming call.

If you’re stuck in a boring work meeting or bad date then scheduling an incoming call allows you to leave a valid reason. Since nobody anticipates an incoming call to be a sham, pranks are easy to pull off with minimal risk.

What I loved about this app was it’s easy to use functions and customizable features. If you find it difficult having a natural conversation over the phone when no one’s there, an audio file will play giving animated answers and decline sliders during the call.

You will also be able to give each fake caller a specific profile by choosing their number, name and caller picture. Creating a phony caller or even multiple allows you to trick friends into believing someone they know is calling you.

To add a little variety and make the call feel more authentic, you will have access to eight display choices for your dialling screen.

Voice Changer- Prank Call

A good voice changer can really make or break a good prank call, no matter how good your material is, proper execution is what truly counts.

In this instance, if you have a recognizable voice and are unable to fool others over the phone, then a voice changer is a must-download.

Voice Changer-Prank Call is a dedicated app that delivers excellence with its user-friendly design and easy to use features. Like the title suggests you will be able to change your voice during a prank call, keeping your true identity a secret to your victims.

The app has several impressive sound modifications available to use; some of these are woman, faster, slower, robot and alien.

To make these voice alterations, hold down the record function and speak into the microphone. Once you release the record button, choose which sound alterations you want that best fits your voice.

Not only can you transform your voice, but you also adjust its speed with a cool auto speed-up function. Whether you want to sound like a drunkard by slowing the recording down or a chipmunk by speeding it up is entirely up to you. 

Voice changes can be exported as an audio (.m4a) pr Video(.mov) format and can be shared online via email or social media.

Ownage Pranks

If you’re looking for an all in one prank dial app that delivers hilarious prank calls with minimal effort then look no further.

Can’t pull off a decent prank call to save your life but want to try one anyway? The OwnagePranks app has over 100 prescripted prank calls already made, all you’ll need to do is select the person you want to prank and then make the call.

Begin by browsing through their online library containing several prank categories such as ‘Food & Restaurants’ and ‘Neighbours’. Searching this way saves time and helps you find the exact prank that will fit your pranking needs. 

All prerecordings have unique prank scenarios- your work colleague accuses you of blowing up the office toilet or someone claiming your car has been towed.

The way Prerecordings work is surprisingly a lot more sophisticated than many realize. During a prank call, the app’s AI algorithm efficiently analyzes dialogue and reacts accordingly, making it sound like a real-life person.

The AI’s process of analyzing speech is achieved through anticipating silence and recognizing spoken keywords, so the prerecording stops and starts at the right times.


For regular pranksters who have already fine-tuned their prank calling skills, your main priority should be ensuring your identity is well hidden. Leaving your Caller ID exposed is an easy mistake to make, and unfortunately, some people don’t take kindly to prank calls no matter how innocent they are.

Thankfully SpoofCard offers a much-needed solution that specializes in a caller’s anonymity and security.

The app’s primary and most important function is to hide your caller ID, this is done by providing a fake number whenever you decide to make a prank call.

Exposed caller IDs leave the possibility of being traced back to you, putting your security at risk.

Its next anonymity feature is a voice changer providing male or female options; this is especially useful if switching accents isn’t your forte.

Lastly, if you want to give the impression that you made a call to someone, a voicemail application is included. Phone calls made to your prospect will go directly to their voicemail instead of ringing them.