The best pocket knives: which one do you need?

best pocket knives

There is such a huge range of pocket knives on the market, how can you ever choose the one that suits you best? Fortunately, itís also an advantage that pocket knives come in all shapes and sizes: it means thereís something for everyone. Things to keep in mind when youíre looking for a good pocket knife are the style youíre looking for, the size, and perhaps the locking mechanism. Of course, itís very practical to carry a knife for everyday tasks, like peeling an apple or opening packages. But do you also want your pocket knife to feature other tools? Read more and find out!

## Types of knives

### Swiss pocket knives: efficient multi-tools

Swiss pocket knives have achieved their iconic status worldwide thanks to their versatility and efficiency. The range of renowned brand Victorinox includes pocket knives with built-in tools, including knives, screwdrivers, can openers, pliers, saws and even corkscrews. These pocket knives are beloved for their compact size and ability to handle a large variety of tasks. Whether you go camping, hiking or just need a versatile tool for DIY work, a Swiss pocket knife is always great to have.

### EDC knives: practical tools for everyday use

EDC knives, or ‘Every Day Carry’ knives, are designed to be handy and functional in everyday life. They are usually compact, lightweight and easy to carry. The blades of these knives tend to be made from stainless steel, though carbon steel is also a crowd-favourite. EDC knives have sturdy handles for comfortable use, and are perfect for opening packages, cutting rope or tackling everyday chores.

### Gentlemanís knives: stylish accessories

Men’s knives are a refined version of pocket knives, designed to suit a gentleman’s lifestyle. They exude elegance and craftsmanship, designed with attention to detail and high-quality materials. Gentleman’s knives often have slim handles made of luxury materials such as stunning types of wood, horn or even precious metals. The blade is usually subtle and elegant. These knives are perfect for formal occasions, where they add a touch of class and style to a gentleman’s (or gentlewomanís) outfit.

## Locking mechanisms

When youíre using a pocket knife the blade needs to remain in its open position, so you donít accidentally hurt yourself. There are many different types of locking mechanisms, and some people prefer one kind over the other. Slipjoints are not a full lock, for example, but they just provide some resistance. The main advantage of a slipjoint is that theyíre legal to carry in many countries. The most common locking mechanisms are liner locks, frame locks and button locks. Of course, there are many other locking mechanisms on the market, this is just a small selection of the most-used locks. Liner locks work with the help of a metal spring bar which can be found in the handle of the knife, which locks the blade in place. You open it by pushing the liner away from the blade. Frame locks are similar to liner locks, however, instead of the liner locking the blade, itís part of the handle that blocks the blade. You open it similarly too, simply press the frame lock away from the blade and close it. Many knife fans love button locks for their simplicity and fidget factor.

## In short

Donít be fazed by the amount of options out there! Just think about what you want to use the knife for, and when you will be using it: thatís where you start off. Take your time and have fun checking out all the types of pocket knives that are out there.