The Best Excel Interview Questions That One Must Know In Detail

The formation of a career is not an easy task in the present world. It is important to provide that every person associated with the field of information technology is conversant with this problem.

They considered this fact very well that because of a huge amount of competition in the market, excel interview questions was always a difficulty in getting your favourite career. 

Like a product has to advertise itself in computation to that of other products, it is always essential to provide that the best candidate also promotes himself like the same product. However, instead of advertisement, this promotion is carried on the interview platform. 

The interview round is considered one of the most important questions when it comes to MS Excel interviews. If you answer these questions properly, you have a great scope of the formation of your career.

What Is The Importance of Knowing Excel Interview Questions?

A different variety of questions is essential for the wholesome preparation of an interview. Usually, people consider it essential to try and test their mettle before the interview on different types of questions. These questions, if answered properly, can help you get a dream job. 

That is why your preparation should be oriented in this way. In this article, and an attempt has been made to provide a list of the most commonly asked interview questions for you to prepare and clear Your Dream Job. This has been provided in the following manner. 

What is Microsoft Excel? 

Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet application. It allows a person to store and organize the data in the form of rows and columns.

You can calculate and analyze the data with the help of the tools available in the software. You can also make display reports in the minimum amount of time by performing the toughest calculation in a fraction of seconds.

What Is A Ribbon?

It refers to the top area of the application. It comprises all the toolbars and menus. Once you click on a particular toolbar, a list of different options will be available to you, enabling you to perform different functions. 

Explain Spreadsheets and it’s basic

It is an electronic version of the ledger that every Businessman maintains. The spreadsheet is formed by the intersection of rows and columns, which helps in properly managing and presenting data.

How many formats are available in Excel? 

Total 11 formats are available for storing data in MS Excel. In the first place, we have a number format for storing data in the form of numbers.

In the second place, we have the currency format in which the data is stored in currency.

In the third place, a date format is given in which the data is stored as dates. Next in line is the percentage. Finally, we even have text formats to save the data in the form of Strings. These are very helpful in the long run. 

How can you wrap the text in a cell? 

There can be a situation in which the quantity of data in a particular cell exceeds the size of the cell.

In such a situation, for the proper presentation of data, click on the wrap text option available in the home tab. This will help you to minimize the size of the data according to the size of the cell.

What are charts in Ms excel? 

MS Excel is a business-oriented software. It plays a vital role to calculate and analyze the financial position of a company.

Since the financial statement of every company comprises so many figures that at times becomes difficult to analyze, that is why the same data is presented in a graphical form in the form of charts. 

These charts play a vital role to represent the data for better understanding. You can click on the chat menu from the insert tab. There are different options available to customize your chart in the form of column and bar charts. 

Explain workbook protection tools

These tools are very much helpful to protect confidential financial data in a worksheet. There are three ways to protect them in MS Excel. In the first place, you can add a password for opening the workbook.

In the second place, you can also make sure that permission from the authorized agent is required for every action you take in a worksheet. Finally, you can also save guard the data by capturing the changes in the size of tools.

How can you create shortcuts in Ms. excel? 

It is important to mention that handling financial data is not an easy task at all. You cannot perform lengthy calculations with the help of manual competence.

Even if you were able to perform these activities, Still in that situation, you would not be able to complete the assigned task in the given time. 

That is because MS Excel provides various options for shortcuts. They help to save time. With the help of quick access toolbar, you can customize the most frequently used tools time and again. This will be very helpful to save a lot of time. 

To Move To The Previous Worksheet And The Next Sheet What Keys Are Helpful?

To perform this function, you will have to press Control + to page up keys. If you want to use the keys to move a step ahead, then this combination is perfect for achieving the required result. But at the same point in time, if you want to move a sheet backward, you should press Control + page down. 

What Is The Importance And Utility of Ms Excel?

MS Excel is one of the most important software that is helpful to the business community to the maximum possible extent.

It is considered one of the most important utilization in the present world when it comes to the management and storage of data. 

So accordingly, if you want to get the best amount of advantages from this system, you should be conversant with every feature of this platform. Moreover, it would be helpful in the long run to present the data for easy understanding in the limited time.


This can prove to be an important activity when clearing in an Interview for your dream job in MS Excel.

Understand these questions to the maximum possible extent and practice in months before actually applying

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