The Best Eco Resorts in Brazil: Beautiful Beaches

The Atlantic coast in Brazil, is backed by rolling dunes, cactus deserts, and jungle-swathed mountains.

There are thousands of beautiful beaches: coconut-palm-shaded coves, turtle-nested sands, and massive bays backed by extensive mangrove forests.

Best Eco Resorts in Brazil

Santa Clara Eco Resort

Famous with weekenders from São Paulo, this ranch-house resort (with capacity in glass-walled bungalows in bucolic surrounds) shows light adventure for homes. There’s a gigantic pool, a sports play area and lots of actions suitable for children of all ages – including rope-bridge walking, tennis, horse riding, and soccer. In addition, the resort utilizes solar power, reclaims water and waste, and sustains local educational projects.

Eco Resort Refúgio Cheiro de Mato

Overlooking the Juqueri river on the Serra da Cantareira mountains boundary, less than an hour’s run from urban São Paulo, Cheiro de Mato is a family-orientated weekend getaway from urbanity. Rooms are positioned in a shady tropical garden, distributed in muted tones and hammocks on the patios. There’s a large pool and many activities, including assault classes for kids, hiking, paddle boarding, rope bridge walks in the trees, and waterskiing on the lake.

Carmel Taiba

North of Fortaleza city, long wide beaches are backed by wind-swept dunes in the northeastern Ceará state. At the town of Taíba, they stretch multiple kilometers inland – comprising a mini dessert. Carmel Taíba models between the dunes and a long curve of beach – neo-Frank Lloyd Wright glass-fronted villas confronted with raw stone watch over the sea from a palm-tree garden, forever pool merging with the horizon.


Arraial D’ajuda Eco Resort

The beachside area of Arraial D’ajuda supplies excellent options to snorkel or dive among diverse reefs swarming with tropical fish – get lucky, and you might sprinkle a turtle or a migratory whale. The resort has pastoral wooden structures that integrate into the surroundings, with hammocks slung between palms and grass-woven mats spread out for optimal sunbathing. There’s even an on-site waterpark.

Kilombo Villas & Spa

Kilombo welcomes a prime spot next to a secluded beach with everyday offerings of water sports (kayaking, surfing, and sailing), fresh seafood, and outstanding marine-life watching. You’ll also encounter sea turtle breeding grounds here. While they’re fiercely guarded, if you’re lucky, you might catch one of these endangered animals for yourself. There are also a bunch of dolphins swimming on the coastline.

Itamambuca Eco Resort

Flanked by dense forest on one bank and pristine beaches on the other, Itamambuca Eco Resort is wrapped by natural habitats wealthy in wildlife. The coast is sterile and tropical, home to dolphins, turtles, and rare fish species. You can get in-depth into nature by erecting a tent on the campgrounds or get cozy in one of the apartments or bungalows. Whichever you prefer, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the wild, with river kayaking tours, guided hikes, and surf lessons available.

Paraíso Eco Lodge

Set in the core of the Atlantic Forest, Paraíso Eco Lodge appreciates a spectacular position best relished by the many hikes and trails surrounding it. The lodge was created to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, constructed from leftover industrial and indigenous fabrics. Even better? It poses in a wildlife sanctuary with waterfalls, luscious vegetation, and unique wildlife.

Araras Eco Lodge

The eco-credentials of Araras Eco Lodge are robust. It sits in the Pantanal, one of Brazil’s most important wildlife sanctuaries, created to minimize its influence on the surrounding wetlands. Further, a hotel-run environmental project seeks to nurture local wildlife, monitor hyacinth macaws, and save bees. As a result, you’ll feel exemplary about a stay here. Spaces are rustic and relatively unfussy, but you’ll be spending most of your time traveling the Pantanal, dipping in and out of the pond-like reservoir, or horse riding.

Zagaia Eco Resort

Spacious rooms are dotted throughout extensive gardens at Zagaia with an architectural style paying homage to the local indigenous Kadiweu people. There are a bunch of hikes and nature trails from the resort, and it’s around Pico Bonito nature park is the home to crystal-clear pools and caves model for diving and snorkeling.


Txai Resorts, Itacaré

With some of the best surf beachfront in northeast Brazil and a row of bays and coves supported by steamy rainforest, Bahia’s Chocolate Coast has long been a widespread destination with wealthy surfers from São Paulo. Txai is the most extravagant resort in the region – with large, thatched cottages with four-poster beds and wooden sundecks put in a palm grove on a private beach. The spa is one of the most appropriate in Brazil, and the hotel supports local environmental education programs.

Rio do Rastro Eco Resort

The southern Santa Catarina state inners are wrinkled with rainforest-covered ridges that descend towards the beach-fringed coastal plain in a string of deep valleys and canyons. The Rio do Rastro Eco Resort poses at their heart – in rolling hills, next to a lake a few minutes drive from a string of stunning mountain-view points. Rooms are comfortable in faux-European cottages with screaming fires and are dominant in the winter when temperatures plunge to around 53F (12C) – the almost Arctic for Brazilians.


Large stretches are shielded as national or state parks and personal reserves. Ecotourism in Brazil is condensed here, with many beautiful small hotels in natural surrounds, a few of which are genuinely conservational.

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