The Best 7 Plus Places to Begin Your Digital Marketing Blogs

Blogging is a way to entertain Yourself by reading some random material. But if you are an enthusiast of digital marketing, you should surely read this digital marketing blog.

These blogs are a perfect source to pass the time. This article will provide a List of the favourite blogs related to digital marketing.

The Most Preferred Places to Make Digital Marketing Blogs

If you are willing to read about the Latest SEO News and updates on the digital marketing industry, this is undoubtedly the best Blog.

It covers every kind of changing Trend. All the leaders can easily come across the changing rules and regulations related to the industry. If a company is willing to initiate SEO, then this is the best Blog to gain experience.

1. Content Marketing Institute

The entire world of media depends upon good content. Therefore, writing good content and presenting it to readers is essential.

The content marketing Institute publishes blogs every week. These blogs educate the marketers to provide the best content.

It trains digital marketing companies and SEO agencies to develop market-friendly content.

There are different testimonials from different experts. These experts communicate the different amount of tips to increase the content writing skills of the content writers.

It provides a guide for keyword management. This Blog also contains testimonials from different digital marketers that try to provide a better-integrated plan.

This Blog updates its material every Friday and reduces the amount of research that every digital marketing company has to undertake.

2. Marketing Land

This Blog has many diverse fields. It provides information related to different heads.

It covers the information from writing good marketing content to developing strategies to beat the competition in the market. It also has the features of live blogging. People can attend these events with the help of a single log-in.

It is engaging and educational. It lets the experts communicate with the common audience. Both of these can interact in the form of discussions involving the exchange of ideas. It is the best way to stay updated.

3. Econsultancy

If you are looking for some practical solutions for different issues, this is the Blog for you. It provides access to information related to specific industries. It offers practical advice to the branch in the market. It also promotes integrated innovative trends.

This blog covers every kind of transaction. However, it provides an effective support system for B2B and b2c activities. The advice plays an important role in moving on the right path.

4. Kissmetrics

This blog offers analytics and testing insights on marketing. It provides the best expertise in almost every kind of marketing segment. It can help the brands to have a better online performance. They shape the decisions of the marketing companies.

These decisions then shape the future of the company and allow them to fulfil its objectives.

In addition, it provides insights and reasoning on corresponding metrics. The experts of this Blog always have a rationale for every kind of advice they give.

5. Convince and Convert

It is a comprehensive blog. It offers access to blogs and books. It also provides the latest journals and magazines covering the development in the marketing industry.

It is short and simple. It directly gets to the point which is discussed in the Blog. Every beginner in digital marketing is advised to read these basic materials to gain some experience.

It provides out-of-the-box ideas for business enterprises. It also changes the business marketing strategies according to its convenience. It allows the digital marketing companies to incorporate the new Outlook in the fulfilment of objectives.

6. Social Fresh

It is one of the most entertaining digital marketing blogs. It covers podcasts recorded by different experts. It includes videos and speech and even presentations by different persons.

This Blog has changed how communication was presented. It tries to focus on the method by which the digital marketing industry is changing.

It covers the subjects like digital media. The number of followers of this Blog has increased over recent years. It provides authentic information.

7. PR News Daily

It functions as a News Channel. It covers industry-related news and the top stories from different parts of the world. This Blog uses effective Public Relations tools.

It holds discussions every weekend in which different people participate. It acknowledges the techniques which make you sharper and your job easier.

It provides a combination of good content with practical skills. The User experience reading the Blog is positive.

It does not indulge in repetitive explanations. Instead, it highlights the latest news and latest trends in digital companies.


It is a kind of gaming blog. It offers interesting and interactive means to communicate with the audience.

The method of the presentation of content is unique and attractive. Instead of simply uploading a blog post, it first tries to create suspense by asking questions to readers. This is a part of its marketing technique because it is curious.

The reader will always come back on the Blog to find answers to that unanswered question.

This Blog provides the latest reports, which are a compilation of recent digital news. In addition, they provide Technology focused articles and predict the future of the industry by discussing the upcoming events.

9. Blue Fountain Media

This Blog discusses almost every type of topic which shapes the Digital marketing industry. It discusses Innovation and creative campaigns to enhance user engagement. It usually offers bi-weekly posts to highlight any recent development in digital marketing.

It has a separate discussion panel to discuss the consequences of the implementation of any upcoming digital Trend.

It provides a sufficient amount of experience to the newcomer regarding the digital marketing industry. It has an effective design strategy because the website can be accessed on both mobile and laptop.


Thesedigital marketing blogsare helpful to promote a culture of digital marketing in India. India is not conversant with technology. These blogs help to achieve this objective.

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