The Benefits of Office 365 Email Archiving

Emails list on a laptop screen, office background

The number of Office 365 adoptions is growing by the day. It is certainly the future of cloud-based business productivity suite. For starters, it integrates seamlessly into the existing architecture of Microsoft products users. The security and authentication features are top-notch.

For a company that offers solutions to the biggest organizations that require a lot of visibility and granularity, Microsoft offers some of the best email archiving solutions. Office 365 email archiving includes Place Email Archive, In-Place Hold, and Litigation Hold, Integrated management interface from within the Exchange Administration Center. Below are some of the important features of Office 365 Email Archiving.

Storage flexibility:

Office 365 allows the usage of any public storage to archive and backup emails. Users are not limited by their subscription plans. All that must be paid for is the storage used.

Retention customizability:

Businesses can set up their own retention needs for archiving and backing up Office 365 emails. From a few days, to several years, it is possible to customize retention rules that could meet the specific legal requirements of the client.

Exceptional search choices:

Office 365 supports a host of tools and methods that can be used to backup emails or send them to archives. They can also be found easily with the powerful eDiscovery tool with plans like Microsoft 365 Business.

Controllable legal holds:

It is possible to extend the legal hold at even the message level. This minimizes the risk and cost of applying the process during an audit process.

Export format flexibility:

There might be instances in which businesses need to export email content in a format other than PST. Office 365 supports third-party archiving and backup tools that export files in different formats for saving resources.

Outlook permits holding on to deleted emails longer than ever. The purge date can be extended to save important communications for a later date without cluttering the client’s email folders.

Other benefits of Office 365 Email Archiving:

The mental agony of deleting an important email cannot be overstated. Repeated searches of the mailboxes lead to no results. While some providers do provide automatic email archiving, the emails will be purged from the server eventually. Outlook provides the feature of keeping the emails longer and ensuring that they are available for a much longer period.

Built-in presets:

As a default, mails in Outlook are purged after 30 days. However, the admin can change the timeframe using the Messaging Records Management feature.

If you are looking to transition to Office 365 orMicrosoft Exchange Server,it is advisable to consult with aMicrosoft certified implementation partner like Apps4Rentespecially if there are many tenants involved.