The Anatomy Of Winning In Esports


For many, it’s the ultimate career. Getting to play video games all day long, and receiving a paycheck while doing it; can a professional life of a gamer be more perfect?

First off, you have to realize that being a professional gamer isn’t just something you pick up overnight and master in two weeks. You are looking at some long hours if you want to get to the same level as the pros, and this is not going to be an easy road. Because if you want to understand the anatomy of winning in Esports, you have to understand what makes a winner.

Talent Or Teachable Skills?

Even though everyone likes to sing, it does not mean everyone CAN sing. Although there are individuals who can carry a note decently enough to develop the skill of singing, they usually keep their dreams realistic based on the realization they aren’t spell-binding performers.

The same principle applies to Esports. Just as professional gaming with requires a set of specific skills, it helps if you have some talent to go with your skills. Because if you want to reach the top, you need an edge over your opponent, even when you don’t ooze with natural talent.

Finding Your Strengths 

You are going to be better at some games than others. And even if you are the best at every title that has ever been released, you will remain your own worst enemy. More specifically, there will always be one game you excel with the most.

If you want to really understand the anatomy of winning in Esports, definitely find the game where you show the most optimal balance of skill and talent. Then focus on this game almost exclusively. Why not play other games as well? Yes, you can choose to spend your energy between different games, like League Of Legends (LOL), Overwatch, Fortnite and many others, or even spend the whole time watching esports online, but this will make it incredibly difficult to “master” a game. And if you don’t master a game, you can’t really hope to finish in first place.

The players that currently occupy the high ranking spots are players that have found their strengths, and they keep building on these strengths. It is recommended that you do the same if you want to fill the same high-ranking positions.


The average number of hours professional gamers spend practicing can vary quite a bit. But the average amount of time ranges between 8 and 16 hours per day. Yes, some players will practice for the better of an entire day, seeing as someone younger and faster is bound to surface sooner or later.

Just like a typical athlete, you have to stay in shape if you want to stay competitive. More specifically, this is the type of discipline you have to adapt if you plan on reaching the top.

A Healthy Lifestyle

If you didn’t know already, there are Esports teams that make use of a physical fitness coach. And the reason is based on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

With all the technology in the world, there is no getting around the fact that the health of your mind is dependent on the health of your body. If you don’t eat right and get enough exercise, you won’t be able to focus and you won’t perform at your ultimate best.

Do your best to balance out the time you spend in front of the PC or console with getting some fresh air and making better dietary choices. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but you put yourself in the best possible position to reach your goal.

Keep in mind that athletes pay a lot of attention to their technique. This is because it increases the effectiveness, the more effective their exercise. So, if your mind is in the right place when you practice, you’ll notice a significant and positive change.

Constantly Challenging Yourself

The moment you feel safe with where you are in terms of skills, challenge yourself and take it to the next level. In spite of the fact that some leaps forward will be more intimidating than others, it is necessary in order to maintain a competitive edge. If you don’t challenge yourself, you can’t expect to develop the skills or talent you have.


If you are playing in a team setting, it is critical that you understand and communicate well with your fellow players. Important factors like real-time, in-match strategizing depend heavily on how well the team members communicate.

This means you have to learn to listen, as well as provide your opinion in a productive manner. Otherwise, your team will be subject to a weak link that could be very costly.

Respect For Your Position On The Team

Some positions enjoy more glory and action than others, but it doesn’t make them more important. Winning in Esports when part of a team setting requires respecting where you fit best inside the team dynamic, regardless of how much glory the position brings with it.

Your focus should always be to better the team and fill your spot to the best of your ability. And if your team members share this approach, expect to establish a team that won’t be easy to beat, even on a bad day.

The Motivation To Win

The individuals who eventually reach success are those who are willing to fail more than others. How many times are you willing to fail?

You can have all the skills and talent in the world, but they won’t get you anywhere if you don’t have the motivation to win. Of course, staying motivated is easier said than done. This is why you want to maintain a healthy balance in your lifestyle on your road to winning in Esports. Keep your body healthy if you want to maintain necessary mental motivation.

Unfortunately, there is no single recipe or tactic for coming out on top in the Esports universe. Instead, it’s how you approach all the variables involved. It’s also accepting that you can’t win every time, meaning there are valuable lessons to learn in your failures.