The actions of the richest man in Ukraine after the beginning of the war

Rinat Akhmetov

Rinat Akhmetov is the richest man in Ukraine, his fortune at the moment is 4.2 billion dollars. During the war, he lost as much as 9.5 billion dollars. Unfortunately, quite a large part of its plants is located in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Now almost the entire territory of these regions is under the control of the Russian army. The businessman has made clear his position on the situation. Rinat said in an interview that Putin will not stop only in Ukraine, he is ready to destroy all countries where there is freedom, independence, and democracy. 

Previously, the most wealthiest man was suspected of pro-Russian motives, but these rumors and assumptions have dissipated, because he said one very good phrase «Mariupol can only be Ukrainian, and a happy Donbas can only be in Ukraine.» — he said, being in Donetsk in 2014.

In 2022 he began to speak more clearly and said that «Russia commits a crime against humanity and there is no justification for it». With this phrase, he made it clear that he is for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. Moreover, he began to transfer his production to Lviv. 

Of course, almost everyone knows about the «Azovstal» plant, because there are real heroes of Ukraine, who protect Mariupol to the last. The military is besieged by the Russian army and is under constant rocket attacks, bombs, and shelling every day. Rinat Akhmetov is also involved in this, as the factory belongs to him. The businessman said that he is glad that this place serves as a shield for the Ukrainian military. 

Almost every Ukrainian lost a job or part of his business during the war, especially people who are in the east. Businessman Akhmetov also felt these losses — his company «Metinvest» lost more than 30% of its productive potential because such plants as «Azovstal», MMK Ilyicha (MMCI), the Avdeev Coke Chemical Plant (AKHZ), and the Zaporozhe KHZ (ZKZ) are on the territory of active hostilities. Some of these plants are, unfortunately, already damaged or completely destroyed by the arrival of missiles. Despite this, the businessman continues to help the army and people who suffered in the aftermath of the war, moreover, he expects the victory of Ukraine and the return of all occupied territories back to Ukraine. Based on: https://rp-online.de/politik/ausland/rinat-achmetow-reichster-mann-der-ukraine-stellt-putin-an-den-pranger_aid-67043637.