The 5 Best Reasons To Relocate To Italy To Live


Millions of people all over the world dream of living the Dolce Vita by the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Italy has people enthralled with its laid-back lifestyle, incredible cuisine, and gorgeous architecture. There is a lot more to the country than just those things of course.

Italy is a modern country that has a lot going for it as a destination for expats looking to get away from their home country for whatever reason. Of course, living in Italy is not at all what it is like when you are there on vacation. However, there are a lot of benefits to enjoy when living there.

In this article, we will go over several of the best reasons to convince you to make the move if you are looking for the best place to live abroad.

1 – Excellent healthcare

Italy is one of the top countries in the world when it comes to health care outcomes. They have a very modern health care infrastructure with top-notch facilities and doctors. There is also a very robust research industry that has helped come up with life saving devices as well as procedures.

It is also a country that spends very little on its health care. This is mainly because the focus is on prevention rather than the cure. Keeping a population healthy by encouraging doctor visits early saves money later by avoiding people only going to the doctor when they are more ill.

They have universal healthcare which means that everybody is in the system and can access care without getting a bill. This is only available to citizens and permanent residents, so if you are just arriving then you will need expat medical insurance to get by while you wait to get into the public system. You will have the same access that everybody else does and will be able to take advantage of the excellent care.

2 – Education

Italy is home to some of the worlds oldest universities. Education has always been extremely important for Italians and it is never taken for granted. Everybody has access to affordable higher education which means that they have a highly educated population.

From kindergarten all through a student’s scholastic career, there is a focus on a holistic approach to learning. Students are immersed in things like art, music, and philosophy in addition to things like math and science. This gives them the critical thinking skills that are so necessary to navigate this modern world.

If you come to Italy with children then you can enroll them in public schools that will educate them as well as most private schools in other countries.

3 – A focus on work-life balance

The notion of the Dolce di Far Niente, or the stereotype of the Italian that lazily goes about his day is really just a myth. Italians are very hard workers and do take their careers seriously.

What is true, however, is that they always find the time to enjoy their life outside of work. They take very special care to have a healthy work-life balance so they dont burn out and are able to enjoy life.

They are very family-oriented and make sure to be home for dinner with their kids and spend quality time on the weekends. Vacations are mandated and guaranteed by the government so you are allowed up to 24 days off per year, not including bank holidays which are additional.

4 – Culture is accessible

Italians love their culture. They thrive on theater, music, and art. These are things that are part of their daily existence and are not regarded as things only rich people enjoy. Everybody makes sure to enjoy the cultural aspects of their country.

This means that you will find a theater for opera and other shows in just about every town and city. There are art galleries everywhere and many are free. Museums for just about everything are all over the country. With such a rich history, the entire country is practically an open-air museum.

You will have access to these types of cultural events and so much more no matter where you choose to live in Italy.

5 – The food culture

Italians famously take their food very seriously. They believe that a good meal shared with family and friends improves the quality of life in ways that are priceless.

You will have the best ingredients at your disposal in the local markets, butcher shops, fishmongers, and even the supermarkets. If you dont know how to cook, dont worry. There are many nonnas or Italian grandmothers who love to show people how to cook. If you are lucky enough to live near one then you will have the best culinary teacher you can imagine!

This tip is no secret but it bears repeating: the food in Italy is second to none and always accessible to everybody.