The 5 best emulators for Android

emulators for Android

In the early 1990s, many children spent time on television trying to defeat the final boss of the famous Super Mario Bros. game.

It was this nostalgia that allowed many children, who today are adults, to start creating a generation of players, who went on to the next generation and even became bigger over time and as the entertainment market grew .

With the advancement of technologies, and especially with the emergence of smartphones, the possibility was created to be able to play different consoles in the operating system itself through emulators, especially the best dulators for android . The following is a list of the best emulators for Android 2017.

1- PPSSPP – PSP Emulator

If you are a person who likes games with good 3D graphics, try the PSP emulator for Android, the PPSSPP. It is considered one of the best because it was written in C ++ and because it has very advanced features like rendering, OpenGL, texture filtering, etc. Since roms are illegal, you can easily search Google where to find the best ones to play.

2 – My Boy – GBA Emulator

Perhaps one of the consoles that most marked the 90s was the Game Boy Advance. Due to its worldwide popularity, this is another emulator that can be found on Android. These emulators are available on downloadroms for direct download. In this case, all GBA games are supported by the operating system, with excellent FPS, with the possibility of using cheats and Gameshark.

3 – ePSxe – Sony Playstation emulator.

Sony Playstation is still a world renowned brand, and the first console has incredible titles! Android has become the perfect system for playing PSone’s retrogamer games. EPSxe has become one of the best ps1 emulators for android. The emulator is perfect for playing all games without any problems, and all your options are within reach.

4 – MegaN64 – The Nintendo Emulator

Who remembers Super Mario 64 playable on Nintendo 64? It’s true, until now there hasn’t been a better Super Mario game than this and maybe that’s the reason why they decided to import the best Nintendo emulator into Android as well. If you are a fan of Nintendo 64 games, then this emulator is ideal for you. Not only can you play Mario, but also games that made Legend of Zelda and Pokémon the games they are today. The emulator contains several options already known among the best emulators for android on the pc such as framekip, rendering and even texture filters. In addition, the emulator also has support for video plugins, which not only allow some video adjustments, but also some audio adjustments.

5 – Snes9X – The best SNES emulator today

To finish in the best way, you could not forget about the 16-bit console – SNES, which marked much of the early 90s. Now you can play hundreds of classic SNES games on your Android thanks to the Snes9X EX. This emulator brings nostalgia back to your life with very good speed. 

Thanks to that, it is not possible to recognize if you are really playing on the emulator, or on the console. The emulator also allows an automatic recording mode, to save the game whenever you need it. It is also possible for you to play casanik on any android device.