Tesla Model S Motorized Tilting Screen noticed with a Change

A Tesla Model S has a factory-equipped motorized, swiveling center screen that has been spotted in the wild appreciations to a video posted to Twitter by Larry Li. Li can be seen leaning the display from the center to the left and then to the right with the click of a key on the screen.

The motorized front trunk caught in the video is an aftermarket adaptation. A swiveling center screen represents a slight quality-of-life improvement for Tesla owners.

Rather than the display being stationary and positioned so that both the motorist and passengers can see it, it can be dragged for optimum visibility by the driver when running the vehicle or by a passenger when parked.

Tesla’s swiveling screens contain a bit of weird history. Although the attribute has long been available in aftermarket mods, the previous year, Tesla’s website said a base display with “left-right tilt” would be coming to its refreshed Model S and Model X cars. However, an occasional short months later, the product pages were updated to remove references to the feature, as Drive Tesla Canada reported.

A recent teardown revealed that the Model S already has most of the hardware needed to offer a swiveling screen without the motor to drive it. It’s led to the assumption that parts deficiencies have until now prevented Tesla from delivering the feature in its cars.

In replies to his initial tweet, Li assured us that the swiveling display is not an aftermarket mod but was “from Tesla factory.” The Model S displayed in the video was established on April 29th.

Additionally, the host of the Tesla podcast – Ride the Lightning, Ryan McCaffrey, later tweeted that the newest Model S and Model X cars rolling off Tesla’s factory lines are supplied with the hardware to sustain the feature. The scenario should mean that swiveling screens will evolve standard on forthcoming Model S and X Teslas.